I hope no one minds that I have gone into some classmates' entries and made a few style changes so that every entry is similar. I have not changed a single word in anyone's entry. Just my graphic design obsessiveness that takes hold of me.

Lynn Backman
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Walt Schierioth
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November 04, 1943 Colorado Springs CO Retired waltsbking@msn.com Married 1
After sixty years…finally an update on my life and career.  Entered the Army in 63, but only spent time stateside at the Presidio of San Francisco and Ft. Ord California.  In 1966 after working for several years in bakeries (including family bakery, Mrs. Backers Pastry shop), moved to Minneapolis Minnesota and started my corporate career with Pillsbury Co. in addition to graduating from the University of MN.  Minneapolis was the center for food development having the big 5 which included General Mills, Pillsbury, International Milling and several others….it was the place to be for food research.  At Pillsbury I became manager of Industrial foods R&D.  The position provided extensive opportunities to work with the leading bakeries and food manufacturers through out the U.S.  As Japan became interested in developing American style bakery foods, time was spent in their country working with major food companies developing consumer bakery mixes, breads, cakes, donuts and other cereal-based foods for the Japanese market.  During my 17 years in Minnesota, Phyllis and I were married and had one daughter named Katie. As of June 10, 2022, we will celebrate 55 years together.  We also ventured together into a wholesale/retail bakery ownership, but sold after 3 ½ years to move to Denver CO. 
In Denver, we opened an executive recruitment business (Dunhill of Denver), Phyllis ran the business while I became R&D/QA manager for Western Bakers Supply.  After 7 years an opportunity came to move to Manhattan Kansas to work for the American Institute of Baking. Holding several positions including manager of technical development at the institute, I began worldwide travel to teach, hold seminars and work with third world countries to improve production of bread and cereal-based foods.  In addition, working with the FDA, food labeling was developed which improved the consumers understanding of package food components. Most challenging was traveling, training and working with countries such as Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova, nine months after the overthrow of communism. Much of the development work with wheat, bread and grain-based foods was also done in connection with Kansas State University.  Lectures in food manufacure were given in some 22 countries, numerous trade shows and private consulting that included India and Korea.  Presentations were given for the World Bread Congress and consulting with trips taken for the World Bank. My wife Phyllis traveled with me on many of my trips as well as daughter Katie.  I became a million miler on both United and Delta Airlines and have spent over 1,200 nights in Marriott hotels throughout the world.
In 2000 we moved to Milwaukee WI, where I served as Product Development Manager for SCM Int’l (North America) an Amsterdam based food conglomerate which also was the General Mills for Europe. In this position I traveled extensively throughout the U.S. working with wholesale bakeries, restaurant chains and fast-food operations. During this time there several patents were developed, which made SCM more progressive in food innovation.  After retiring in 2007, I spent another 4 ½ years working with the company at their Atlanta headquarters as a consultant.  Each year in this retired position I was able to reduce my workload from 9 months to 3 months until I was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  After my final day with SCM I returned to Colorado Springs and the good life.  I am currently 78 yrs. old and still enjoy many of life's pleasures that were part of my life growing up in SLC.  As of this writing, gardening, piano playing, fishing, reading and off-road driving with my jeep are many of the enjoyments.  I was fortunate enough while at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, to play a 20-minute recital in the Gonda hall on their $325,000 Bosendorfer grand piano.  The experience brought back memories of playing in the East High dance band with Grant McAllister and working with a great teacher Dow Young.  We are currently looking forward to attending the 60th East High reunion.
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James Hawkins, Jr.
October 10, 1943 Rockford IL Retired Divorced 7
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Chris Anderson
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May 28, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Director Analytical Research, Actavis/Allergan Inc./Retired Divorced 2
Unfortunately I was unable to attend the 60 year reunion but I was able to view the internet feed, which I enjoyed. The years that have passed since my graduation From East in 1962 have been filled for the most part with Joy and professional accomplishment.  The highlight of my life was my marriage to Mary Hanson and the blessing of two sons, Tom and Lukas.
After obtaining a BA degree in chemistry and a PhD in organic chemistry with specialization in natural products at the University of Utah and two years of postdoctoral research, I joined my soon-to-be wife, Mary, in Malaysia in the Peace Corps in 1974. We were married and spent a year at the National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kabangsaang) followed by almost four years at the University of Chile, where we remained until 1979. I conducted research on Antarctic Krill and Mary was involved with hematological research. When we returned to Utah, I took a position as a Research Assistant Professor in the College of Pharmacy, University of Utah for two years.
 I started ChemBiochem Research, Inc. with two other partners in 1981.  CBR Inc. was the love of my professional life until we sold the company in 1995.  For the next several years I was engaged in pharmaceutical research with a number of companies, which culminated in my retirement in 2013 from Actavis/Allergan Pharmaceutical as Director of Analytical Research and Special Projects (originally Watson Pharmaceutical).
Since retirement I have traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada in a travel van and spent several summers in Alaska, one of the most beautiful places on earth (a close second to southern Chile). I love classical guitar music and played most of my life, but I can no longer play due to arthritis in my hands. I have instead become a collector and have a modest collection of unique classical guitars.   I love hiking and spend a great deal of time in the outdoors. I still downhill and backcountry ski, which affords me lots to do during the winter months. I hope to continue loving life for many more years and look forward to future reunions.
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Pat Denhalter (Judkins)
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August 02, 1944 Salt Lake City UT 2nd Grade Teacher/retired Married 5
The 60th reunion was great!  I am glad to still be alive and able to come.  I have been retired from teaching for 9 years.  I tended 2 of my 16 grandchildren  2-3 days a week for 5 years, which kept me very busy. Now I take them swimming or somewhere else once a week in the summer,  I am enjoying reading, digital scrapbooking, church activities, line dancing, family history, bridge, lunches out with family or friends, book club, and whatever erlse I can find to do,  We have three  of our 5 families of children and grandchildren living nearby, and we see them often. Watching their soccer, baseball, lacrosse, etc. has been lots of fun...no "greats" yet. I have given up my ticket to U of U football...too hard to walk back to the car in the dark, but will enjoy them on TV now. I have good memories of my years at East. Life is a gift....I will never take people for grantefd again after Covid. Send Pat a MessageSend Pat a Message
Pete Kaiser
April 08, 1944 Zürich Writer resiak.org/ardeche-lanjalvines Married 3
Consider this a draft. If any of it raises your curiosity or criticism, you know how to reach me.


Driving my wife and daughter home from the hospital the day after my daughter was born, I suddenly knew that I was going to have to be a better person than I had been - not merely SEEM to be, but BE. I began trying.  It was harder at first than it is nowadays, but I'm still trying every day to become a better person than I was yesterday. I'm not unhappy with how things are going, but I'm not done yet either. I still have something to reach for.

Over the entire time we were all at East High I suffered from clinical depression; indeed it lasted over 50 years, from when I was 5 until I went for help at 56. That single fact did more to shape my life than anything outside my early family life. Gerald Bracey wrote, "Poverty is not an excuse. Poverty is a condition. It is like gravity, affecting everything you do on the planet." And - as I imagine many of us know - so is depression. Yet no one ever perceived it in me, not even up to the very end, when my life was nearly in wreckage and I thought nothing was left for me.

Does this resonate with you? Have you kept it to yourself?

I couldn't honestly write anything here without mentioning it. I must also mention that I'm completely cured. I did nothing to deserve being cured, when most depressed people never entirely get rid of it; I've just been very lucky. Very.

Something else looms large: in early 2014 I was diagnosed with lymphoma, and since then treatment - I've had everything under the sun: chemo, antibodies, radiation - has superseded all other scheduling. Yet it hasn't re-depressed me, and oddly, I feel very lucky, happy to be alive on this beautiful planet, overjoyed to be living with the partner I love and to enjoy her love and the love of my children and my brothers and sisters; and some friendships. Again: I don't deserve this (how can we?). I'm just lucky. Lucky also that the cancer treatments haven't taken over my life, which is a full one.

The two children from my first marriage to a French woman I met while working at the United Nations in Geneva in my mid-30s both happen to live in France now after living in several other countries. My daughter, the elder, has a doctorate in anthropology for which she did fieldwork in China: she speaks English, French, Chinese and some German; and has two kids of her own. Her brother, with a degree in Japanese language and literature, speaks English, French, Japanese and some German. My wife - we met on the train to work in Zürich - born in the Netherlands, speaks Dutch, two dialects of German, French, and English. I muddle along in English, French, and German with a smattering of Swedish.

I have another son, born far away and placed for adoption beyond my control when I was 21. I never forgot him for an instant, and at 67 finally managed to find him and reach him. Now we enjoy close contact, and both our families know all about the story. My family has always known since the very first. I made sure of that. Everyone has met, with pleasure.

Let me get to high school and the first years after.

At East High I was lonely and felt apart. Maybe most of us did. I had very few friends. It felt tough to be an outsider, a nonbeliever, a leftist, taken as a Jew and (in my adolescent way) to have powerful intellectual and political concerns that seemed to interest no one else. You'd have no reason to have noticed this, but although I finished the school's entire academic curriculum by the end of my junior year, the school's administration wouldn't graduate me but insisted that to graduate I'd have to attend a senior year. I did, treading water, and simultaneously did a freshman year at the university nearby, where I first encountered computers in 1961. Computing eventually became my working career.

I went off to university, left, re-entered, left again, and became a conscientious objector to the Viet Nam war drafted into several years of civilian service. I remain proud of that, and of all my political activism. I had a working career, fell in and out of love more than once, married for love at 37, had the two remarkable children, moved to France for work and then to Switzerland. My first marriage self-destructed, I met my now-wife at the lowest point of my life (she must have seen something in me anyhow, don't you think?), and lost my last full employment at 57.

Now I'd simply call myself (have I mentioned this?) lucky, and generally happy. As an educated white man with enough money to live on in a highly-developed country with superb public services and medical care, I'm conscious of living a privileged life.

But my greatest privilege is to have the love and respect of my wife, the best person in the universe; and of my children. They're a great gift.
Cathy Hales (Moyer)
July 13, 1944 West Grove PA retired Widowed 6
After graduating from East I attended BYU for five years, changed my major from math to nursing, and graduated in 1967.  My parents moved to Valley Forge, PA area in 1965 and while visiting them I met my future husband, Jack Moyer.  We married in the Salt Lake Temple right after I graduated from BYU and have spent our whole married life in southeastern Pennsylvania.  I attended graduate school full time for two years receiving my Master's degree in nursing in 1969 from University of Pennsylvania.

Jack and I were blessed with 6 children:  2 girls and 4 boys.  Both daughters died from brain cancer--the oldest at age 16 and the younger one at age 13.  That was certainly the greatest trial that I have experienced.  We have four wonderful daughters-in-law and five wonderful grandchildren.

I worked in various nursing jobs for a number of years, finally retiring in 2004 to serve a full time mission with my husband.  We were called to the Greece Athens Mission and assigned to Nicosia, Cyprus.  We loved that experience!  Following that we lived in Beijing, China for two years, teaching English through the China Teachers Program at Beida, the "Harvard of Asia." That was also an amazing experience.

We are currently serving a Church Service Mission with the PA Philadelphia Mission.  I am the mission nurse and my husband is the housing coordinator.  I also co-teach the gospel doctrine class.  Other hobbies include reading and genealogy and travel.  

Since the last reunion:  I served a 7 year church service mission as a familysearch support agent.  I serve as an ordinance worker in the Philadelphia Temple.   I was recently widowed.  
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Kerry Merback
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April 23, 1944 Las Vegas NV retired clinical social worker/therapist Married 5
I was born in Salt Lake City, attended Bonneville Elementary, and Stewart Junior High on the UofU campus. Immediately after barely graduating from East because of a rebellious attitude I joined the USAF.

I was baptized into the LDS Church during basic training and that event dramatically changed the direction of my life. I served as a motion picture photographer in the military for four years, then returned to Salt Lake and attended the U.

In 1968 I married Rosemarie Garff in the Salt Lake Temple, worked as a Salt Lake City police officer, graduated from the U in sociology, and received my MSW in social work, also from the U. I worked in Alaska for the Bureau of Indian Affairs for a few years and then settled in Las Vegas where I worked for the VA in mental health, retiring in 1999.

We have five children, 14 grandchildren after 54 wonderful years of marriage. I currently am an ordinance worker in the Las Vegas Temple, after having served as a bishop and in a stake presidency. I also serve in our stake and ward as stake camping specialist, ward camping specialist, Sunday School teacher, Primary Activity Boys leader, and Elders Quorum Secretary.  See what I mean about a change in direction.

I look back on high school with regret that I wasted so many opportunities to participate, but tried hard to make up for it at the U, served on the Union Board, and  was eventually selected for Skull and Bones and Owl and Key. 
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Susan Brinton (Brown)
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July 01, 1944 Provo UT Married 10
10 Children + 67 grandchildren + 11 great grandchildren + numerous spouses = 107 of us!  (As of July 2022). 
After graduation I went to BYU and earned a bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Relations, plus an education degree including Kindergarten proficiency and Preschool certification.  (I have learned more from my children and experiences over the years than I did in school!)
Within days after graduation from BYU, I got my MRS degree (6 - 6 - 66) when I married Bruce Brown .  He soon finished his master's degree and we moved to Montreal where he earned his doctorate degree in Psychology at McGill University.
We moved back to Provo when he was hired as an Instructor until he finished his dissertation, and soon became an Assistant Professor.  He has been a Professor at BYU in the Psychology Department for over 53 years.
During that time we had 9 daughters and 1 son, and they and they descendants fill our lives with love and (mostly) joy.  Family is a big priority for us.  On their birthdays we call and visit each one and sing the Birthday Song.
While several of our daughters and their families lived in Germany, over the course of 18 years, we took many opportunities to visit them and travel all over Europe (from Scotland to Turkey and from Spain to Poland) nearly every year.  We've also accomplished visiting every one of the 50 United States, and other countries in the Middle East and Far East.
We have enjoyed many varied callings in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and treasure our weekly assignments serving in the Provo Temple.
I'm still happy when I meet graduates of East High School, from any year!
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Shelley Ohlson (Davis)
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February 29, 1944 West Jordan UT Retired Married 5
I was born on Feb 29, 1944 So I have had only 19 Birthdays.
After graduation from East high school, I attended LDS Business Collage for 2 years, and payed my tuition by working at Holy Cross Hospital as a Dietitian aide for 5 years.
I married my high school sweetheart Kent Davis class of 1961, we have been married for allmost 58 years, we have 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls and 8 grandchildren and all doing well.
I played violin for Murray Orchestra for 35 years and taught violin orchestra at several elementary schools for 5 years.
I worked for Jordan School District in the lunch program for 25 years.
Attended SLCC for 2 years in Horticulture. 

Brent Scharman
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September 10, 1944 Holladay UT Retired Married 10
In the 10 years since writing my last life-sketch I have retired, lived in Holladay and been fortunate to be healthy and happy. I have spent my tme focusing on family, yardwork, travel. church-service and exercise.

I review the paperwork of those desiring to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to assess mental health readiness to serve. My wife and I serve as part-time senior missionaries at Ensign College (formerly LDS Business College) where we are Student Success Coaches. It's a fun assignment.

We have children living in Utah, California, Arizona, Ohio and Washington State and we attempt to maintain regular contact with them.

I have been fortunate to maintain my health and enjoy daily in-house exercise and outdoor running. I participate in 5 and 10K races in the community and thoroughly enjoy it. I have learned that in order to have race times that are toward the top of your age range all you have to do is live long enough that the other runners die or stop competing.

My good friend Grant Teasdale died at an age way too young. From our class, I have fairly regular contact with John Gardner and Tom Holberg. I enjoy those moments when I run into a classmate unexpectedly.

Neal Maxfield and Jim Backman deserve some type of reward. Do you know of other class or school leaders who have been more faithful in continuing to keep the class united? Way to go you guys!
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