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Alan Homer
July 16, 1944 Centerville UT Law Firm Administrator Married 6
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Wayne Stump
August 18, 1944 bountiful UT Retired Software Manager Single Again 2
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Sparky (Nora) Strickland (Armstrong)
July 26, 1944 Farmington home Married 6

Thank you so much all of you who have worked on this.

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Don Reynolds
July 14, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Project Analyst Married 5
Since graduating from East High Don…
Served French mission, earned BYU music education degree, worked 40 years with computers in several capacities,  developed system for U.S. army fire departments, briefly owned own business (now defunct), currently works for American Express, married, has five children, divorced after 18 years of marriage, later found and married “Sweet Wife,” Jennifer, eleven grandchildren, learned from great men and women, currently singing with wife in Choir directed by Merilee Webb and tells Jennifer he wants the dozens of nicknames he had in high school on his tombstone. Names like “innocent man,” “obedient man,” and “stoic man.” Feel free to share these and others with Jennifer at the reunion.
Don has learned…
Joy of working together with single purpose, he knew little in high school, joy of children welcoming him home from work, choosing gifted teachers rather than topics, insights into being an ENFP, several twin brothers share his birthday, he has a wonderful wife, don’t put skewers up your nose (very dangerous), to live within one’s means, good people can be unhappy married to each other, three word journals, Welsh pronunciation, family rules, golden orbs, people change over time, joy of grandchildren, how to grow 18 varieties of tomatoes, how to hem rapidly, God’s love, not to write music in India ink, not to shake flour and hot water in Tupperware, some food “experiments” will be given names like “Toxic Waste” by his children, logical thinking and “OR” questions, he and some of his children have Goolie powers, the quiet peacefulness of a happy marriage, and the joy of teaching a gifted student.
Don enjoys…
Conducting music, composing, reading, genealogy, teaching, tender touches, hugs, gardening, writing stories, cooking, photography, flashlights, biographies, spending time with his wife, BYU education week, and opportunities to serve.
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Larry Clayton
November 25, 1943 West Jordan UT Retired Married 4
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George Provol
July 13, 1944 Philadelphia PA Vice President & Publisher EMC Corporation-retired23 Married 3
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Norman Maxfield
Profile picture
Profile picture
January 28, 1944 Tucson AZ Married 5

I have some wonderful friends, and many fun and fond memories of dear old East High. 

Since graduation I . . . .
>Served an LDS mission in England 
>Graduated from BYU
>Served in the US Army including a tour in Vietnam
>Received my masters degree from BYU
>Married Sherline Lindholm from Tooele
>We have 5 children and 19 grand children
I am semi-retired and live in warm and sunny Arizona where we are currently serving an LDS mission.

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Ricy N/A (Warner)
February 27, 1944 Clayton WA retired Married 2
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Kathleen Dibble (Brasher)
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March 18, 1944 Salt Lake City homemaker Married 7
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Brent Scharman
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September 10, 1944 Holladay UT Psychologist Married

Following graduation I attended the U of U where I received B.S and M.S. degrees. I contined at the Y, receiving a PhD and have been a licensed psychologist since that time. I've been employeed at LDS Family Services where I've done such diverse things as counselor, foster care worker, training director, Satanic specialist (no kidding), director of international operations and assistant commissioner. I currently supervise our program for providing services to LDS missionaries who struggle with mental health issues. 

I'm 23 years into a happy remarriage and jointly we have ten children (so far). My wife, Jan, is also a psychologist and is Student Life Vice President at BYU. 

We're still both working and enjoying time with grandkids, exercising, reading, fishing, movies and learning to contend with the aging process.

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