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John Fawcett
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March 02, 1944 Newchapel Surrey Retired Married 7
We raised our seven children in the shadow of East High on Yale Avenue and all graduated from East. I'm now serving as a London Temple ordinance worker until December, 2012. Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Warren Tate
March 07, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Married 5
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Maryruth Bracy (Farnsworth)
March 17, 1944 Lindon UT retired professor/editor Married 2
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Laraine Wilcox (Huff)
June 14, 1944 Enterprise UT retired Widowed 1
I retired in 2010 after working 20 years in the St. George Temple Laundry. I still work at the Temple as Clothing Rental Volunteer Coordinator. I love to be in the temple & enjoy working with the volunteers. My husband passed away in 2009 after many years of ill health. We have one son who lives in Farmington, NY (that is 12 miles from Palmyra). We have 2 beautiful granddaughters ages 8 & 9. I have been a member of the Southern Utah Heritage Choir since 1999.  Send Laraine  a MessageSend Laraine a Message
Ruth Ann Barker (Prather)
July 14, 1944 Washington UT teacher Widowed 4
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Barbara Wall (Gruendell)
July 29, 1944 Bountiful UT Married 4
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Joy Truman (McNeill)
July 04, 1944 SLC UT retired Divorced 4
When I graduated, I went right to work for some Insurance Claim Adjusters.  In 1964 I married and continued working for 3 years until we had our first child.  I was a stay at home mom until I was 35 years old, then went to work for Jordan School District and before retiring worked for Canyons School District as Administrative Secretary.  Retired in July of 2011. I was married 32 years and have been divorced for 17.  I have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl, also 20 grandchildren, 10 boys and 10 girls, the oldest be 17 and the youngest 1 1/2 years.  I love being with them more than anything.  I am enjoying retirement.  I do a lot of sewing, and don't really have anyother hobbies.  I enjoy being home and spending time with my family. Send Joy a MessageSend Joy a Message
Diane Brough (Henry)
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Arco ID Controller, Caretaker Married 10
This sounds like a fun event!

My husband and family and I have lived in Northern Virginia (suburb of Washington D.C.), Cyprus (the island), Springfield, Missouri, Utah and now Idaho.

I am a music teacher by degree and at heart and have taught music since I was 15 years old.  I love to perform and compose children's music.  I helped with the teen group "Voices of a New Day" that performed musical programs in many different churches and schools - some religious and some to promote abstinence from drugs, sex, etc. in the Virginia suburbs of D.C.  I love children and have 10 of my own and 39 grandchildren.  They are the best blessing ever! 

The last 16 years I and my husband have embarked on the most difficult journey of our lives - helping to build and fund a company that makes products and trains people for community safety & defense.  The opposition has been unbelievable!  Still we persist and hope to be of service to our neighborhood and country in the difficult times ahead. 

Right now I also care for a friend who is ill and has no family - 2 full-time jobs!  Somehow I thought things would be different at this age, but I am happy in my work and blessed every day.
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Shirley Bywater
November 13, 1943 St. George UT Retired from Human Resources/Employee Relations Single
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Sue Baker ( Smith)
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February 09, 1944 Holladay UT Retired School Teacher Married 5
I attended the 10th reunion only and am really excited to see everyone again!  Thanks for the hard work you're putting in towards this great celebration!
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