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Larry Lunt
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Profile picture
October 28, 1943 Louisville KY Temple President Married 6
I have many friends from the East High Class of 1962. Among them is First Lieutenant Roy Lee Richardson. We were missionary companions in London. We received our military commissions about the same time. We both served in Viet Nam. 
In Viet Nam, forty two years ago at the age of 26, Lt. Richardson gave the supreme sacrifice. His citation reads in part: “As the enemy fire intensified, the lieutenant moved forward to rescue a critically wounded comrade. Although under constant enemy attack, Lieutenant Richardson continuously maneuvered through the fusillade to place suppressive fire on the enemy while inspiring his men to sustain their defensive efforts. As the contact continued at an intense level, Lieutenant Richardson was mortally wounded by the hostile fire. First Lieutenant Richardson's extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty, at the cost of his life, were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself….” For his “extraordinary heroism” and “exceptionally valorous actions” Lt. Richardson was posthumously award the Distinguished Service Cross which is given for valor and is second only to the Medal of Honor.
Lt. Richardson's valor is more fully described in Obits 2 of this web page. I am grateful that the reunion committee thought to publish it. I will not be able to be at our 50th class reunion  but I suggest it would be a fitting place to remember Lt. Richardson's sacrifice by reading aloud the citation which accompanied his Distinguished Service Cross.
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Cheri Stump (Groesbeck)
December 06, 1943 Midvale UT Retired Widowed 7
Michael Madsen
November 24, 1943 Holladay UT Physician/business retired Married 6
 The journey since high school has been long, challenging and rewarding. I went into the army national guard with class mates Joe Wirthilin, Bill Evans, Steve Stoker, Ron Miya, Rod Snow, George Moyer, and Dilworth Strasser.    

After what I call the best negative experience of my life, I returned to finish a bachelor's degree in Economics. Following that I completed a masters degree in business administration. I then decided to enroll in law school to augment my MBA. That experience was terminated after one day when I came to my senses.  

But I remained restless in my life pursites. Having befriended a physician, I decided to ralley my courage and go into medicine. I graduated for the University of Utah Medical School in 1975 and a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1979. I practiced in SLC until 1999 when I retired to follow business options which included starting a home health/hospice/pharmacy/ and home oxygen company with Dick Miller and others. We sold that company last year.

I married Joan Stoker, from Logan in 1968. We were engaged on Friday the 13 in September and Married on Friday the 13th in December of that year. We raised 6 children in SLC and now have 21 grand children. 
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Carolyn Sill (Knepper)
July 02, 1944 Mesa AZ Married 9
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Peter Gibbs
October 16, 1943 Salt Lake City retired Single
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Joy Truman (McNeill)
July 04, 1944 SLC UT retired Divorced 4
When I graduated, I went right to work for some Insurance Claim Adjusters.  In 1964 I married and continued working for 3 years until we had our first child.  I was a stay at home mom until I was 35 years old, then went to work for Jordan School District and before retiring worked for Canyons School District as Administrative Secretary.  Retired in July of 2011. I was married 32 years and have been divorced for 17.  I have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl, also 20 grandchildren, 10 boys and 10 girls, the oldest be 17 and the youngest 1 1/2 years.  I love being with them more than anything.  I am enjoying retirement.  I do a lot of sewing, and don't really have anyother hobbies.  I enjoy being home and spending time with my family. Send Joy a MessageSend Joy a Message
Warren Tate
March 07, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Married 5
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Richard Kimball
December 08, 1943 Holladay UT ore processing equipment sales Married 7
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Maryruth Bracy (Farnsworth)
March 17, 1944 Lindon UT retired professor/editor Married 2
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Henrik Lundgren
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November 22, 1943 Idaho Falls ID Retired speech therapist/administrator Married 5
I was born in Jonkoping Sweden in 1943. Our family immigrated to Salt Lake City in 1948. I met Mary Jane Martin in Bryant Jr. High and we remained friends throughout High School. After graduation in 1962 I returned to Sweden on a mission. In 1965 I married my high school Sweetheart and started attending the University of Utah. After graduating with a M.A. in Speech Path I went to work for the Murray School District in the Salt Lake valley for the next six years.

While working in Murray I went back to the U and started work on a Ph. D. in school administration which I earned in 1978. While working on my degree I accepted employment in Idaho Falls, Idaho as a special education director. I worked in the schools in Idaho Falls for the next 33 years while raising a family of four girls and a boy. 

As a sidelight while raising a family I built, with the help of my family and a few sub contractors now and then, Two different homes and a cabin in the mountains near Yellowstone Park. 

I have kept busy over the years volunteering in the community, working in different church callings and building homes. Three months ago Mary Jane and I returned from Sweden where we served a mission for the church and where I was able to introduce my wife to relatives still living there. I can't believe how quickly the years have slipped by.
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