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Wallace Carroll
May 17, 1944 CEentennial CO Married 10
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Barbara Rapp (Goff)
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May 16, 1944 Mesa AZ Retired Mesa Public Schools Married 2
50 years!!! Holy Cow!! Can't wait until the reunion. It will be so much fun seeing every one!

My husband Rowland and I have lived in Mesa, Az for 36 years where we raised our two beautiful daughters. I am retired from Mesa Public Schools and my husband is semi retired from Johnson, Harris and Goff CPA firm.

We are enjoying a new adventure in life with our grandson Bradden 2 1/2 and our soon to be born twin granddaughters, Aubrey and Adyson.

Being Grammy is the best!!!
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Scott 'Gene' Richards
March 26, 1944 Santa Cruz CA Married 4
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Annette Sorensen (Rogers)
October 01, 1944 Scottsdale AZ Editor Poisoned Pen Press/writer Married 3
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Margaret Mills (Petersen)
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June 17, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Mathematics Teacher, retired Married 5
I graduated from U of U with a teaching degree in Mathematics and a minor in English. I taught algebra, geomety, etc off and on for 40 years in Salt Lake; Cortez and Mancos, Colorado; Richland, Washington and Tooele, Utah. I retired in June, 2010. We sold our Tooele home and bought a Graystone condo in Salt Lake. We love it and haven't missed shoveling the walks or mowing the lawn!

I married Ken Petersen, a Davis High grad, in June, 1969. We've lived in many places and raised 4 sons and a daughter.  We have 13 grandchildren living in Kennewick, WA; Victorville, CA; Saratoga Springs, UT; Shelley, ID; and Ingleside, TX.

I sew, make wedding cakes, etc and have enjoyed doing a lot of musical theater in the last ten years.
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Diane Brough (Henry)
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Arco ID Controller, Caretaker Married 10
This sounds like a fun event!

My husband and family and I have lived in Northern Virginia (suburb of Washington D.C.), Cyprus (the island), Springfield, Missouri, Utah and now Idaho.

I am a music teacher by degree and at heart and have taught music since I was 15 years old.  I love to perform and compose children's music.  I helped with the teen group "Voices of a New Day" that performed musical programs in many different churches and schools - some religious and some to promote abstinence from drugs, sex, etc. in the Virginia suburbs of D.C.  I love children and have 10 of my own and 39 grandchildren.  They are the best blessing ever! 

The last 16 years I and my husband have embarked on the most difficult journey of our lives - helping to build and fund a company that makes products and trains people for community safety & defense.  The opposition has been unbelievable!  Still we persist and hope to be of service to our neighborhood and country in the difficult times ahead. 

Right now I also care for a friend who is ill and has no family - 2 full-time jobs!  Somehow I thought things would be different at this age, but I am happy in my work and blessed every day.
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February 19, 1944 MURRAY UT RETIRED ESCROW OFFICER Married 3
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Dana Kingsbury
March 13, 1944 Bainbridge Island WA Pet Care Service and Employment Recruiter abracadabrapetcare.com Single Again 3

Thank you for all your hard work putting this event in place. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Happy Summer.

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Kathy Hansen (Hansen-Cabrera)
March 14, 1944 Santa Monica CA Married 2
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Carole Clements (Kirk)
January 10, 1944 Meridian ID retired Married 5
I can't believe it's can really be 50 years! Yikes! My first granddaughter said, "Grandma, I can always remember how old you are because you are 50 years older than I am." It was like a kick in the stomach, but its true. WOW has life gone by fast! 

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