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Diane Brough (Henry)
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Arco ID Controller, Caretaker Married 10
This sounds like a fun event!

My husband and family and I have lived in Northern Virginia (suburb of Washington D.C.), Cyprus (the island), Springfield, Missouri, Utah and now Idaho.

I am a music teacher by degree and at heart and have taught music since I was 15 years old.  I love to perform and compose children's music.  I helped with the teen group "Voices of a New Day" that performed musical programs in many different churches and schools - some religious and some to promote abstinence from drugs, sex, etc. in the Virginia suburbs of D.C.  I love children and have 10 of my own and 39 grandchildren.  They are the best blessing ever! 

The last 16 years I and my husband have embarked on the most difficult journey of our lives - helping to build and fund a company that makes products and trains people for community safety & defense.  The opposition has been unbelievable!  Still we persist and hope to be of service to our neighborhood and country in the difficult times ahead. 

Right now I also care for a friend who is ill and has no family - 2 full-time jobs!  Somehow I thought things would be different at this age, but I am happy in my work and blessed every day.
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February 19, 1944 MURRAY UT RETIRED ESCROW OFFICER Married 3
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Susan Sanders (Cannon)
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June 18, 1944 Salt Lake City '' Domestic Goddess Married 6
Wow, fifty years and I am feeling everyone of them. I hope I am not too old and feeble to make it there. I would really like to see all of you again. I have had a wonderful life. After East I went to the U of U and graduated in Home Economics.
          In September of '67 I married my one and only, Grant Cannon. That was the beginning of a great adventure and the best part of my life. I have noticed that things look better as you look back on them and not so great while you are going through them. But, I would not change any of it.
         We raised 6 children and have 6 and soon 7 grandchildren. We have traveled the world and have lived in West Virginia, California, Alabama, Scotland, Utah, The Philippines and are now living in Pittsburgh PA.
         I am on the transplant list for a set of lungs. I do hope to get some in time to come to the reunion. We like it here and have made some good friends at Church, in our neighborhood, and in my pulmonary rehab class. We have had such great support from family and friends. As the primary song says "I feel my Saviors love". I hope to see you in September.
         Just a quick up date. I have had my lung transplant in Cleveland, OH at the Cleveland Clinic. It has been a rough go. But I am being released from the hospital on July 18th. I have been in the hospital for over one hundred days and am having to learn how to walk again. I have been making good progress but have a long ways to go. If at all possible I will be at the reunion. I look forward to seeing you.

Love, Susan 

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Dana Kingsbury
March 13, 1944 Bainbridge Island WA Pet Care Service and Employment Recruiter abracadabrapetcare.com Single Again 3

Thank you for all your hard work putting this event in place. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Happy Summer.

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Michael Grover
July 31, 1944 Concord CA self employed www.ccf-floorclub.com Married 5
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Kathy Hansen (Hansen-Cabrera)
March 14, 1944 Santa Monica CA Married 2
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Carole Clements (Kirk)
January 10, 1944 Meridian ID retired Married 5
I can't believe it's can really be 50 years! Yikes! My first granddaughter said, "Grandma, I can always remember how old you are because you are 50 years older than I am." It was like a kick in the stomach, but its true. WOW has life gone by fast! 

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Paul Grindle
April 29, 1944 Escondido CA semi-retired Divorced 1
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Carol Frederickson (Leishman)
January 04, 1944 Taylorsville UT Semi-Retired Married 9
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Larry Leishman
July 22, 1944 Taylorsville UT Retired Seminary Teacher Married 9
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