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Rich Berrett
Profile picture
Profile picture
January 05, 1944 Fresno CA retired professor/photographer richberrett.com Married 3

I am not sure what will be of interest to you; certainly more information is available on my web site. I do look forward to exploring what transformations have occurred with my classmates over the past 50 years... WOW THAT IS A LONG TIME... There is my data: Ph.D. 1973 The Florida State University, 40 years as a university professor and therapist now retired, current professional photographer, in my second marriage since 1987 with a blended family of 6 children and 17 grandchildren and finding aging less than fun in many ways.

I love travel and exploring the unique ideas of Buddhism, Transformational processes, and what others love and have learned. I fully embrace the “not knowing” I experience as a refreshing contrast to my earlier years when I thought I knew the answers. Looking forward to the reunion.

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Paul A Clayton
June 16, 1944 Las Vegas Retired Supervisory FBI Special Agent Married 6

We regret to report that Paul passed away January 2012.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again! Due to 15 years of foreign assignments and residences I was unable to attend the last two reunions. I hope you are all doing well! 
Linda Rae Collins (Jones)
November 07, 1943 Sandy UT retired Divorced 6
After graduating from East High School, I went to work for Walker Bank and then for the Genelogical Society of the LDS Chruch, waiting for my future husband who was serving a mission in Australia. Was married in 1964 and had 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys. They have blessed me with 23 grandchildren and soon will be adding one more as a grandson is getting married.  My children and grandchildren keep me very busy as they all live within a 5 to 15 minute drive from me and we do alot together.
I worked from 1989 at First Heath and then at Aetna, but have now retired and enjoying every minute of it.
Looking forward to the reunion this September.
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Janet Jones (Freeland)
February 24, 1944 New Orleans LA Consultant Married 1
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Hays Gorey
November 23, 1944 Vienna VA Lawyer Married 1
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Lynne Doxey (Gutke)
August 10, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Retired teacher and mom Widowed 4

After high school I enrolled at BYU to study English and history. I met my husband, Robert Gutke, on a blind date, and we married in 1964. He was six years older and had almost finished his degree in Electrical Engineering at the U of U, so I moved back to Salt Lake, transferred to the University of Utah and finished my degree there. 

I returned to East High School as an English teacher where I taught some of my younger brothers and sisters. 

When my oldest son was born, I became a stay at home mom, which I loved. Over the years I had two more sons and a daughter. I returned to teaching when my children were teenagers. Nutty me -- I really like working with teenagers, my own and everyone elses. And I think that my children are the greatest in the world. 

I spent most of my career working at Wasatch Jr. High School teaching world geography. Geography makes you want to travel, and I've had some fabulous opportunities  with the National Geographic Alliance in Russia, the Philippines, Mexico etc.

On our 40th wedding anniversary my husband collapsed in the hall outside my classroom after bringing me flowers. He lived for two days on life support before we made the decision as a family to remove his respirator. 

I recently decided to leave my beloved home in Emigration Canyon where I had lived for 35 years. I have moved into a downtown condo which I love. It has an indoor swimming pool (I'm a nut for swimming), and I can walk to the ballet, symphony and opera.  I'm so excited to have the new City Creek Center open. Living in a condo also makes it easy to pick up and travel any time I want.

Life is good. I am very grateful for my fabulous kids (AND GRANDKIDS), and the time I now have to read, play tennis, travel and do church work.

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Lindy Olson (Palfreyman)
August 10, 1944 Piedmont CA Decorator / Stager paulinepearsall.com Married 5
Wow, 50 years went by fast! I graduated from the U and went back to East to teach "Discussion and Debate" for one year then we moved to California. Life was soooo exciting. We were in the Bay Area for the People's Park Riots, Patty Hearst Kidnapping, the Earthquake during the Bay Bridge Series, the Oakland Hills Fire and everyday has been soooo interesting! We live in a wonderful place called Piedmont, so we never want to move. But someday we will probably end up in Utah to be close to our children and 10 grandchildren. 
         My husband, Dick works in LA and commutes every week. We go to church at the Oakland Temple Hill. I'm the RS President and our Bishop is Adam (Craig Christensen's son- Cheerleader for East 1960). After the children went off to college, I started staging houses with my friend, Pauline. I love the Bay Area and all the diversity, it was a great place to raise the family. It will be fun to see everyone again!!

*Twinkle & Shine*    Lindy
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Richard Miller
April 03, 1944 Draper UT Financial Consultant Married 4
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Micheal Atencio
July 31, 1944 UT Retired Married 4
 Right after graduation from East High School, I took a job with a small bank in Poughkeepsie.  Following that job I spent 27 months on a proselyting mission to Central America.  One year later I married Marilyn Estella Gardner, and began completing my undergraduate degree at the U of U.  A job followed with the Juvenile Court System which gave me a lot of satisfaction.  I retired from the Court.

We have lived in only four homes between Kaysville and West Jordan but we can call West Jordan our final home as we have been here for 39 years.

We have two boys and two girls of which we are very proud.  All of our children are married, three with children of their own.  One is a civil engineer, one a doctor of chiropractic, one holds a MBA and is a consultant in human resources and one a businesswoman  but  whose main work is raising her large brood. 

Our early retirement has brought many opportunities of which the most important was having the time and capacity to care for three of our aged parents until their deaths.

I have also had many opportunities to serve in our Church and see it as a great blessing.  Though we enjoy many hobbies, our fondest is travelling between states to visit our children(really our grandchildren).  So far my health is excellent, only my adventures could interrupt that.

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Joretta Frandsen (Evans)
April 01, 1944 Bella Vista AR Retired (School Secretary) Married 3
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