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Susan Ingebretsen
January 24, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Children's book buyer for Deseret Book retired Single
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Nick Treseder
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April 29, 1944 Mt Pleasant Retired Married 2
 After living and working in California for 45 years we retired to the Charleston, SC area so my wife could get back to her Southern roots.  We built a house on the Wando River which is 11.5 miles up river from Charleston.  We catch saltwater redfish, sea trout, flounder, crab and shrimp from the dock.

We love the Southern hospitality and friendliness. It is like stepping back in time, teenagers address you as "sir" or "ma'am".  Everyone waves when they walk or drive by you.

Wishing everyone at EHS a safe, healthy and happy 2012.


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Robert (Lief) McManus
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August 29, 1944 Cheshire OR Retired Chief of Police / Sheriff & HR Director Married 4
After High School I attended Utah State in Aeronautics.  Married Adeena who was in Nursing school at St. Marks.  Then the Army as a helicopter crew chief. Moved to Oregon and joined the Lane County Sheriffs office. In my 28 year law enforcement career I have been a Chief of Police and an elected Sheriff. After Law enforcement I worked for 15 years in the Semiconductor industry.

Adeena and I have 4 daughters, 14 grand children, and 2 great grand children.
In retirement we are doing some traveling, managing our alpacca farm and flying our plane around the West.

Looking forward to seeing all of you.
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Cary Griffiths
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May 01, 1944 Taylorsville UT Painter www.carygriffithsart.com Married 3
I am retired, live in Salt Lake City.
I have three wonderful children and I am married to an amazing lady, Katharine English (Kathi Welch).
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John Carpenter
June 23, 1944 El Cajon CA Retired Divorced 2
Gloria Ellis (Hebdon)
June 01, 1944 slc '' Married 5
Hi! Happy to be part of 1962 graduating class. For clarification I have gone by my middle name, DeLynne, my entire life. This has been confusing for me. I never know what to call myself. However, even though I worked at West for 10 years I always consider myself a " Leopard."
After graduation I attended LDS Business School, worked as a secretary to the accountant of College Book Store by the U of U until I went on a mission to the Washington D.C. area.  When I returned home I went to Weber State where I met my husband.  We have been married since 1969, have been priviledged to raise 4 children and now enjoy raising one of our 7 grandchildren.  We live close to East and look forward to having her attend there in the future.
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Suzanne Giles (Stagg)
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May 01, 1944 Lehi UT Director of Cambodia Job Foundation Married 7
What happened to the last 50 years? After graduation from East High I went to work for the Federal Reserve Bank in Salt Lake. I married my high school sweetheart (Wilford Stagg - Granite High) and we've lived our entire married life (49 years) in Utah, raising our 7 children and 1 Navajo foster daughter.

We served an Inner City MIssion to Rose Park from 2004 to 2005 and a full time mission to Northern Cambodia from 2007 to 2009. Our mission to Cambodia was the most incredible experience of our life, serving the most tender people on the planet. When we returned to the United States we organized a foundation to help the people in Cambodia "The Cambodia Job Foundation - Creating Jobs for Cambodians".   

I wrote and published a book about our amazing mission - "Conquering my Fears in Cambodia - My Mission of Miracles". All proceeds go to help the people we served in Cambodia. We love missionary work and teaching people about Jesus Christ. We have 33 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Thanks to Jim and the committee for putting this together!
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Bill Garbett
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January 14, 1944 PORTLAND OR Retired Govt. Public Affairs Married 3
Since retiring, I've been enjoying my life-long love of music and playing in a symphony orchestra. I have three daughters and six grandchildren. My youngest is a movie stuntwoman living in Los Angeles. I never would have guessed 30 years ago that someday I'd have a daughter leaping from buildings and jumping from a speeding motorcycle onto the hood of a moving car, just to name a few of the hair-raising stunts. Thanks to Lynn and Jim for taking charge. The website is terrific! Looking forward to the reunion. Send Bill a MessageSend Bill a Message
Dana Dalebout (Bowen)
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January 25, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Assistant Principal Divorced 1
Memories of East – Being one of the only three girls in trig and physics; partnering with John Jackman in debate, but mostly arguing with him; playing Annie Putnam in the Crucible; admiring the brooding intellectual Pete Kaiser and Steven Sondrup – photographer; Lorin Larsen and David Clegg – the only 2 East High boys to ask me to the only 2 East High dances I attended; so many people who started with me in elementary and traveled through  to the final years at East; people mistaking me for Kathy Jordan; Florin Nielsen and “Take Five”, George Garwood; Theresa Hammond; Leaders Club; generally being clueless.  And, of course, Peterson's -- fries and a cherry coke, the perfect lunch.
Then where did my life go – Four years at the U of U graduating in my favorite subject, recreation; eight years in the California mental health system – staff not patient J; two more years of unemployed and playing; attempt at graduate school – married instead; company manager for RDT; sold real estate; had my son; graduate school; became teacher; more school; became administrator; divorced; worked some more; retired; traveled a bunch; worked some more; traveled a bunch more; and am currently working; trying to decide between cosmetic surgery or a great trip somewhere. Life is so much fun.
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Pat McAllister (Jarman)
January 27, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Divorced 3
I am looking forward to seeing all of you. Send Pat  a MessageSend Pat a Message
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