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Susan Ingebretsen
January 24, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Children's book buyer for Deseret Book retired Single
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Ron Rosenthal
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March 06, 1944 Los Angeles CA Teacher, Futures Trader, Systems Programmer Married 3
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Joretta Frandsen (Evans)
April 01, 1944 Bella Vista AR Retired (School Secretary) Married 3
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Nick Treseder
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April 29, 1944 Mt Pleasant Retired Married 2
 After living and working in California for 45 years we retired to the Charleston, SC area so my wife could get back to her Southern roots.  We built a house on the Wando River which is 11.5 miles up river from Charleston.  We catch saltwater redfish, sea trout, flounder, crab and shrimp from the dock.

We love the Southern hospitality and friendliness. It is like stepping back in time, teenagers address you as "sir" or "ma'am".  Everyone waves when they walk or drive by you.

Wishing everyone at EHS a safe, healthy and happy 2012.


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Annette Whitney (Wells)
August 13, 1944 Salem UT home maker gordonwells.net Married 8
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Cary Griffiths
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May 01, 1944 Taylorsville UT Painter www.carygriffithsart.com Married 3
I am retired, live in Salt Lake City.
I have three wonderful children and I am married to an amazing lady, Katharine English (Kathi Welch).
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John Carpenter
June 23, 1944 El Cajon CA Retired Divorced 2
Richard Rytting
June 23, 1944 Lake Upper Drive OR Physician Married 4
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Robert (Lief) McManus
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August 29, 1944 Cheshire OR Retired Chief of Police / Sheriff & HR Director Married 4
After High School I attended Utah State in Aeronautics.  Married Adeena who was in Nursing school at St. Marks.  Then the Army as a helicopter crew chief. Moved to Oregon and joined the Lane County Sheriffs office. In my 28 year law enforcement career I have been a Chief of Police and an elected Sheriff. After Law enforcement I worked for 15 years in the Semiconductor industry.

Adeena and I have 4 daughters, 14 grand children, and 2 great grand children.
In retirement we are doing some traveling, managing our alpacca farm and flying our plane around the West.

Looking forward to seeing all of you.
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John Kretchman
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December 30, 1943 Sonora CA ReFired Married 3
50 Years!  WOW!
Unfortunately my "womb mate" Janie won't be able to make it. She has signed on with the Peace Corps, and she will be leaving for South Africa in July. Annie and I are planning to travel with her for three weeks next March, 2012. 

After graduation, I went to the U of U for two years, then spent a year in Clermont-Ferrand, France (see passport photo), then back to the U for a B.A. in Economics. From my first job with Walker Bank, I spent 10 years with Xerox in California and Washington before settling in Sacramento where I earned an MBA from Pepperdine, married Donna Brickman, and we had three incredible kids, Josh, Johnna, and Jeneca. I worked in General Management with the Building Services industry for most of my career. At around age 34 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, and I've been His disciple ever since, Praise God!

Four and a half years ago, Annie Sullivan and I wed on a mountain top near Yosemite, and we are now both retired in Sonora, CA. Annie also has three children and five grand children which I am blessed to be able to share. My son Josh and daughter Jeneca have recently announced plans to start having children; so we are very excited! My first time in a hospital was last November with an appendectomy; so thankfully I've been blessed healthwise. Annie and I are really looking forward to the Reunion in September.

Many thanks to Jim Backman and the Reunion Committee for making all of this possible.
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