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Chris Wright (Bode)
March 02, 1944 Sandy retired none Married 3
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David Pugh
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March 04, 1944 West Valley City UT Retired Married 2
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Kathleen Ann Martin (Woolf)
March 18, 1944 Orem UT Retired Married 4
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Jane Powell (Buyny)
March 31, 1944 Clayton CA Horse breeder www.maneevents.com/mysticowl/ Married 1
I retired from management of an HMO about 25 years ago, and since then I have managed my own boarding/breeding horse business. I do a lot of volunteer work for a small animal rescue, mainly kittens. I have also done some tutoring of English and writing skills, which I found very enjoyable. I am married, and my husband works as a chemical engineer. We have a daughter who lives nearby. Send Jane a MessageSend Jane a Message
Rick Parry
April 03, 1944 Sandy UT Retired Married 10
50 years, hard to believe
Still many good friends from way back when
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Kathleen Jordan (White)
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April 25, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Retired Single 2

After High School I worked at Beneficial Life Ins. Co. for a year.  After that I moved to California and worked at Philco Ford and McDonnell Douglas.  I lived in Calif. for 18 yrs.  I moved back to Utah and did a few odd jobs and then I got a job with the US Gov. and worked for them for 22 yrs.  I retired in 2009 and i'm busier than ever.  I play golf, tennis, bridge, travel, RS Pres., and I belong to a couple of book clubs.

I was married for 32 yrs, but got divorced 5 yrs ago.  I have a stepson that lives in Calif and a daughter that lives in Glenwood Springs, Co.  I have 4 Granddaughters and I love being a Grandma.  I come from a large family, I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers, all living, so we do a lot together.

East was great, but I was shy and really didn't apply myself that much.  I'm looking forward to the reunion and seeing everyone again.

I don't know what the future will bring, but whatever; I will face it and love it.

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Pamela Cram (Lee)
May 11, 1944 Moxee WA Retired Widowed 4
This is going to be an awesome reunion.

After graduation, family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where on my first Sunday at Church I ran into three high school classmates from East.  Later on I ran in J.B, Stewart while he was on his mission there.  Coming home we traveled through Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.  We were the last commercial flight to fly over Vietnam before the war really broke out.  Came back to states and went to the U of Utah for two years.  Then moved to Bellevue, WA where I had my first child, the moved to Lake Oswego, Or, got divorced and re-married and had three more children.  Worked at various jobs, the most interesting was secreetary to the 747 Fuel System engineers when it was being built in 1966.  Lived in Gladstone, Oregon for 34 years.  My husband died in 2004 and I lost a son to suicide in 2008 due PTDS after being in Iraz and Afghanistan for 6 years and then he re-upped for a 7th.  That is when I moved to Moxee where I live with my daughter and her family and five of my grandkids, which is wonderful. 

Most of my life has been spent as a mother and wife and I wouldn't change for a single thing.

The most important thing I have learned from my life is to be sure and tell those you love that  you love them every chance you get, because you never know when you might not see them again. 
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Ron Miya
May 13, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Retired Married
Every person is going to be the reason the reunion is a success for someone else. I am married and still alive. I had a debilitating stroke at age 33. I married Jean Larsen in April 2008. We live in the American Towers in downtown Salt Lake City. I have enjoyed talking to many of you on phone calls over the years. Send Ron a MessageSend Ron a Message
Jannis (Jann) Hansen (Conselyea)
May 18, 1944 Helena MT Bureau Chief Divorced 3
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Marvin Salt
May 19, 1944 Sandy UT Retired Married 3
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