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Rich Moore
June 20, 1944 Park City UT Retired environmental trainer and consultant. US Coast Guard veteran, Rank, LCDR. Married
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Walt Schierioth
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November 04, 1943 Colorado Springs CO Retired waltsbking@msn.com Married 1
After sixty years…finally an update on my life and career.  Entered the Army in 63, but only spent time stateside at the Presidio of San Francisco and Ft. Ord California.  In 1966 after working for several years in bakeries (including family bakery, Mrs. Backers Pastry shop), moved to Minneapolis Minnesota and started my corporate career with Pillsbury Co. in addition to graduating from the University of MN.  Minneapolis was the center for food development having the big 5 which included General Mills, Pillsbury, International Milling and several others….it was the place to be for food research.  At Pillsbury I became manager of Industrial foods R&D.  The position provided extensive opportunities to work with the leading bakeries and food manufacturers through out the U.S.  As Japan became interested in developing American style bakery foods, time was spent in their country working with major food companies developing consumer bakery mixes, breads, cakes, donuts and other cereal-based foods for the Japanese market.  During my 17 years in Minnesota, Phyllis and I were married and had one daughter named Katie. As of June 10, 2022, we will celebrate 55 years together.  We also ventured together into a wholesale/retail bakery ownership, but sold after 3 ½ years to move to Denver CO. 
In Denver, we opened an executive recruitment business (Dunhill of Denver), Phyllis ran the business while I became R&D/QA manager for Western Bakers Supply.  After 7 years an opportunity came to move to Manhattan Kansas to work for the American Institute of Baking. Holding several positions including manager of technical development at the institute, I began worldwide travel to teach, hold seminars and work with third work countries to improve production of bread and cereal-based foods.  In addition, working with the FDA, food labeling was developed which improved the consumers understanding of package food components. Most challenging was traveling, training and working with countries such as Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova, nine months after the overthrow of communism. Much of the development work with wheat, bread and grain-based foods was also done in connection with Kansas State University.  I lectured in some 22 countries, numerous trade shows and private consulting that included India and Korea.  Presentations were given for the World Bread Congress and consulting with trips taken for the World Bank. My wife Phyllis traveled with me on many of my trips as well as daughter Katie.  I became a million miler on both United and Delta Airlines and have spent over 1,200 nights in Marriott hotels throughout the world.
In 2000 we moved to Milwaukee WI, where I served as Product Development Manager for SCM Int’l (North America) an Amsterdam based food conglomerate which also was the General Mills for Europe. In this position I traveled extensively throughout the U.S. working with wholesale bakeries, restaurant chains and fast-food operations. During this time there several patents were developed, which made SCM more progressive in food innovation.  After retiring in 2007, I spent another 4 ½ years working with the company at their Atlanta headquarters as a consultant.  Each year in this retired position I was able to reduce my workload from 9 months to 3 months until I was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  After my final day with SCM I returned to Colorado Springs and the good life.  I am currently 78 yrs. old and still enjoy many of life's pleasures that were part of my life growing up in SLC.  As of this writing, gardening, piano playing, fishing, reading and off-road driving with my jeep are many of the enjoyments.  I was fortunate enough while at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, to play a 20-minute recital in the Gonda hall on their $325,000 Bosendorfer grand piano.  The experience brought back memories of playing in the East High dance band with Grant McAllister and working with a great teacher Dow Young.  We are currently looking forward to attending the 60th East High reunion.
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John Kretchman
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December 30, 1943 Sonora CA ReFired Married 3
50 Years!  WOW!
Unfortunately my "womb mate" Janie won't be able to make it. She has signed on with the Peace Corps, and she will be leaving for South Africa in July. Annie and I are planning to travel with her for three weeks next March, 2012. 

After graduation, I went to the U of U for two years, then spent a year in Clermont-Ferrand, France (see passport photo), then back to the U for a B.A. in Economics. From my first job with Walker Bank, I spent 10 years with Xerox in California and Washington before settling in Sacramento where I earned an MBA from Pepperdine, married Donna Brickman, and we had three incredible kids, Josh, Johnna, and Jeneca. I worked in General Management with the Building Services industry for most of my career. At around age 34 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, and I've been His disciple ever since, Praise God!

Four and a half years ago, Annie Sullivan and I wed on a mountain top near Yosemite, and we are now both retired in Sonora, CA. Annie also has three children and five grand children which I am blessed to be able to share. My son Josh and daughter Jeneca have recently announced plans to start having children; so we are very excited! My first time in a hospital was last November with an appendectomy; so thankfully I've been blessed healthwise. Annie and I are really looking forward to the Reunion in September.

Many thanks to Jim Backman and the Reunion Committee for making all of this possible.

Today is May 16, 2022.  Unfortunately I won't be coming to our 60th Class Reunion.  I would have come with my "wombmate, Janie", but she won't be able to make it either.
Jane and I are still meeting up every year, like we have for the past some 15 years to hike and bike together.  We just spent 5 glorious days in Cambria on the California Coast close to San Luis Obispo.  We stayed in a wonderful beach house right next door to a huge Nature Preserve I called:  "A Precsious Jewel".  There is a 10 mile ride we like to do right on the ocean.  And we found two farm land roads for biking that took us way back in time.  Both days the weather was perfect.  In August we will camp at Fallen Leaf Lake in South Lake Tahoe where there are miles and miles of off road and bike trails.  We plan to do a couple of hikes: one at Spooner Summit on US 50 and the other to the top of Mount Rose.  We both, thankfully are in great health.  Six years ago I lost my tongue to cancer, but it's unlikely that the cancer will come back.  God has blessed me with three beautiful granddaughters!  Hazel (5)(son Josh and wife April in Sacramento), Evelyn(6 mos.) (my daughter Johnna and husband David now living near Lynchburg in Virginia, and Elia (3 mos.) my daughter Jeneca and her partner Juan Jose Torres in Sacramento.  Life is Good!  Praise God!
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Jane Jackson (Howell)
June 27, 1944 Salt Lake City UT mother, grandmother, housewife Married 5
Wow - 60 years since highschool graduation - that in and of itself is quite an accomplishment.  We have 5 wonderful children, three inlaws, and 7 grandchildren.  We are proud of each and every one of them. They all have come back "home" living in the salt lake valley and they bring great joy to our lives. We have lived in the same house for 45 years, been married 50 (almost) years and had an adventurous life.  We have been blessed to travel the world, serve two missions for the LDS church, one taking us to 23 southern african countries.  we can still move - if somewhat gingerly- and have all our own body parts but with a little additional hardware in my back.  Never thought we would make it this far!  Looking forward to seeing others who are enduring to the end!
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Marva Poelman (Pothier)
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June 08, 1944 Mesa AZ Homemaker/Teacher Married 9
We are looking forward to meeting again in July. Here’s a personal update on our life:
I attended the U of U, then in 1964 married Bob Pother, best decision I ever made!  We now have 9 children 40 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren, with 3 more on the way. Our family is the source of abundant joy and is growing constantly. We love to gather and do so often.
While Bob was pursuing his business career, I focused my attention on raising nine beautiful children into amazing, good-to-the-core adults.  Along the way both Bob and I have been heavily involved in church service and have made many rewarding friendships. Our service has provided many learning, growing experiences. One of the most rewarding for me was teaching 8 years under BYU Continuing Education to the members of our Stake. I love to teach, and it was a great way for me to fulfill my desire to serve in a meaningful way.
Bob retired as soon as he could in 2006 and we headed to BYU Idaho to serve a 5 ½ year mission with the BYU-I Business Dept. As assigned by Kim Clark, Bob started an Entrepreneurial Center to serve the school and community. This became the Eastern Idaho Entrepreneurial Center.

I administered a large business class by teaching basic job search skills and recruiting speakers from positions with major businesses throughout the U.S. It was a joy to meet them, host them and learn along with my students. How impressed I was with the willingness of these very busy and successful men and women to accept an invitation to come at their own expense to speak. There are so many good people in this world!  I also created, staffed, and ran a program, Vision Conference  which motivates and teaches skills to early college students, preparing them to take full advantage of their opportunity to attend college. How we love BYU Idaho and the people of Rexburg.
Prompted by a trip to Ghana, West Africa with the school, we traveled there again on our own in 2014 and established a private NGO to mentor and assist businesses. Then again in 2016 and 2017-18 we returned twice to assist our Church’s Self-Reliance Program to serve two six-month volunteer missions. We met the most amazing people and loved every minute. What a blessing and opportunity that was! Our daughter and her husband were recently called to serve as Mission Presidents for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Sierra Leon, West Africa.
Now we are settled in our home in Mesa, Arizona, our home base for over 40 years and are serving in the newly rededicated Mesa Temple. It has been a rich life, filled with an abundance of blessings along with a few of life’s expected challenges and disappointments. All have made us grow, gain greater faith, and increased our burning desire to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ and serve our fellowmen. No complaints…just deep gratitude.
We look forward to reading about your life so be sure to share.

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Laraine Wilcox (Huff)
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June 14, 1944 Enterprise UT retired huffnpuff@scinternet.net Widowed 1
Sixty Years, oh my!
I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1967-1969 to the Eastern States Mission.  I served on Long Island, in Manhattan and in New Jersey.  I married Edwin W Huff, from NJ in the SL LDS Temple in 1969.   In 1978 we adopted a very handsome baby boy, who was 2 days old, and he was sealed to us in the SL Temple at age 6 months.  That baby is now the father of 3 beautiful daughters, my granddaughters, and they live in Farmington, Ontario Co, New York, only a few miles from the birthplace of the Church.   I worked for 20 plus years in the St George LDS temple.  My husband passed away in 2009.  I retired from working in 2010.  I am currently Captain of the Pilot Peak Daughters of Utah Pioneers Camp in Enterprise, Utah.  I am also involved with the Enterprise Senior Citizens as well as my activity in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I had the privilege of singing with the Southern Utah Heritage Choir for many years but I had to give that up a few years ago. I love living in Enterprise, Washington County, Utah.   
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Jeff Summerhays
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May 05, 1944 Rancho Santa Fe CA Semi retired Consultant Program Manager, Director, Generally in communications Married 4
After Graduation I joined the National Guard. 

LDS Mission to Australia, 63-65.

Graduated from the U with an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree (69) at the same time as U of U alum Nolen Bushnell (invented pong) and Ed Catmull (started Pixar). 

During the next 50 years or so I was in the defense business during the cold war (see the book Blind Man's Bluff, deep submergance with Westinghouse), the cell phone world with Qualcomm during the dot com bubble, aviation security during 911, and the unmanned vehicle communications world.  Been a fun ride. The last few years have been consulting in those fields.

I married Teri Daynes (Highland Hi). We have 3 daughters a son and 14 grandchrilden. We built our house in Rancho Santa Fe, CA in the early 90's and have raised our family here. I am grateful that my kids have married well, and are doing well. 

My kids gave me "Story Worth", a question a week for a year to answer about my life. I took a couple of years, but it was fun. I recommend it or something like it.  

The reunions I have attended have been a lot of fun and I look forward to more.  

I look forward to seeing all of you this fall.

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James Mathis
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March 21, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Retired/Teacher Married 5

It’s been a wild ride…to the ends of the earth, and back again. We’ve, [Sylvia (Beck) EHS class ’63 and I], visited every continent–including Antarctica, and amazingly we continue to live in the same house, on 1200 East, where I was born and raised.  


Our five children also grew up in this house, (four of which also graduated from EHS—the last one had to IB it at West) and our fifteen grandchildren (all under age 20) live close by, except my oldest son, Jason [he moved to St. Petersburg, FL in 2018].   


Along the way I’ve enjoyed two very different careers.  I taught LDS Released-Time Seminary for 30 years after graduating from the U of U in general science education, and at the same time spent 33 years in the Army Reserve and National Guard, with 22 of the years as both a fixed-wing and helicopter pilot.  After retiring from the above occupations, I continued to dabble in aviation as an adjunct instructor in the Professional Pilot Program at Salt Lake Community College until the college discontinued that program a few years ago. I'm now a 24/7 caregiver for a stage four parkinsons patient, Sylvia, my  eternal companion.


Memories of EHS include:  A Cappella Choir, seminary and the great friends that helped me have a social life.


Along the way, on this wild ride, I’ve learned that we have a Heavenly Father and a Savior, Jesus Christ, and one of the many ways They manifest Their presence is in the Creations of this world.


 I love the outdoors and find it a great place to spend time recognizing these creations, especially the Uinta Mountains, where my youngest son, 16, and I, at the age of 56, backpacked (that means no pack animals except for the two of us) the entire highline trail, roughly 100 miles, from West to East. Something I’d wanted to do since I was 17. All of my children and grandchildren, over the 12 year old mark, did a Unita backpack trip six years ago. [Wanted to make it an annual event, but too many conflicts].


Life is wonderful recognizing we’re in the “second act of our three act play” (President Boyd K. Packer) and looking forward to whatever comes next.

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Leif Kloogh
October 20, 1942 Baltimore OH Retired Divorced 5
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James Backman
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December 31, 1943 Draper UT Retired Law Professor at BYU from 1974 to 2014 Married 6
I have been busy leading out in our efforts to find classmates. It has been very rewarding. I hope we can be in touch with as many classmates as possible and that most will try to join us for our 60th reunion.

Lynn and I served an 18-month LDS mission in Chorley, England until May 2016. Lynn was a Preston Temple ordinance missionary and I served in the European Area Legal Counsel office as an associate area counsel missionary. We loved England because so many of our ancestors originated there. We were able to visit many of the towns and cities they left to come to America. Lynn's third-great grandfather was Heber C. Kimball. The Preston area is the location where he started the first overseas LDS missionary work in 1837, so there were plenty of historical places to visit in connection with his work there. Seven of our nine children were able to visit us there.

Following graduation from East, I attended Harvard University graduating there in 1969 in German Language and Literature. I served an LDS mission in the South German Mission. I married Carolyn Furner and we had six children. We lived in Germany for a Junior Year abroad in Freiburg for one school year. After law school at the University of Utah, I worked with my father, brother and uncle for a short time before joining the faculty at the newly established law school at BYU. I am retired in 2014 after completing my 40th year there teaching and writing primarily in the property law area. I am proud of an extensive internship program I have established for our students. Recently, I have worked closely with classmate Rod Snow in establishing a mentoring program for new lawyers and a statewide Commission for Pro Bono services by lawyers.

Our family moved to Frankfurt, Germany in the early 1980s where I served as European area legal counsel for the LDS Church for 2 1/2 years.

I went through a lonely year and a divorce in 2001. I was fortunate to remarry our classmate Lynn Kimball, whose husband (Brent Jones) passed away a few years before. We met again on the 40th reunion planning committee. We enjoy our 32 grandchildren and two great granddaughters through our 9 children. We often travel to visit our children in Arizona, California, Europe, the Maldives and Africa. We have now been married 20 years this past December 2021.

Life is good and we feel greatly blessed. Many of our closest friendships have continued over the years since our years together at East.
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