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Jannis (Jann) Hansen (Conselyea)
May 18, 1944 Helena MT Bureau Chief Divorced 3
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Virginia Hawkins (Bryant)
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September 21, 1944 Bountiful UT Retired from Radiology Billing Married 3
After graduation, I landed a great job, that I loved, working for 2 prominent doctors. My plans to attend BYU in the fall were foiled after my family was involved in a fatal car accident that took the life of my Dad. My summer job turned into much more. After a few years, I married my highschool sweetheart, Dave Bryant (class of 61). We have had 3 great children a 10 amazing grandchildren. I retired after 27 years of doing rdiology billing in my home. Dave and I have traveled a lot and served a service mission together.  We divide our time between Bouniful and St George where we ride our bikes everyday, weather permitting. I love life and yes,
cheers to 50 years.
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M. Sydney Larsen (Post-Heald )
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October 17, 1943 Murray UT semi retired -- Recreational Therapist Married 2
50 Years  is a long time ago.  Life is Good

Have been a professor at U of U, then off to the private world where I worked with a psychiatrist and also had my own consuslting business. Now have a few agencies, and am a nomad beween our home in Mesquite Nevada, Salt Lake City, and Polson Montana.
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Pamela Cram (Lee)
May 11, 1944 Moxee WA Retired Widowed 4
This is going to be an awesome reunion.

After graduation, family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where on my first Sunday at Church I ran into three high school classmates from East.  Later on I ran in J.B, Stewart while he was on his mission there.  Coming home we traveled through Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.  We were the last commercial flight to fly over Vietnam before the war really broke out.  Came back to states and went to the U of Utah for two years.  Then moved to Bellevue, WA where I had my first child, the moved to Lake Oswego, Or, got divorced and re-married and had three more children.  Worked at various jobs, the most interesting was secreetary to the 747 Fuel System engineers when it was being built in 1966.  Lived in Gladstone, Oregon for 34 years.  My husband died in 2004 and I lost a son to suicide in 2008 due PTDS after being in Iraz and Afghanistan for 6 years and then he re-upped for a 7th.  That is when I moved to Moxee where I live with my daughter and her family and five of my grandkids, which is wonderful. 

Most of my life has been spent as a mother and wife and I wouldn't change for a single thing.

The most important thing I have learned from my life is to be sure and tell those you love that  you love them every chance you get, because you never know when you might not see them again. 
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Neal D. Maxfield
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December 01, 1943 Salt Lake City UT Business Professor Married 7
Aloha to all of you. I am enjoying teaching at Utah Valley University in the Woodbury School of Business. Retirement is still a few years away. Having good health is a blessing. I look forward to our 50-year reunion and being with you. I remember when my mother had her 50-year reunion and asking her if very many were still alive. She said, "Sure, a lot of people came." My perspective has changed over the years and realize we are a lot younger than our age sounds. Almost 90% of our class has survived the past 50 years. Come and join the celebration. Send Neal D. a MessageSend Neal D. a Message
Berta Clegg (Richins)
April 29, 1944 So Ogdne domestic engineer/housewife Married 2

Alma & I have celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on June 16th 2011..
We have two children  .. 10 grandchildren & 11 great grand children..
I look forward to seeing all who come to the East High 50th reunion...

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Lynn Kimball (Backman)
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March 19, 1944 Draper UT Retired Graphic Designer Married 3
The day after graduation I went to Jackson Hole and worked for the summer as a waitress. I went to the University of Utah and had a great time. I was a cheerleader for two years and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. I worked three nights a week as I waitressed at the Balsom Embers all through school. Each summer I went someplace different to work. I worked in Hawaii for two summers as a waitress and after graduation I worked on Martha's Vineyard before going to Europe with my East High girlfriends. We had a blast driving around in our $400 Opal Sadan. It made it for the three months that we traveled.

When I returned I married Brent Jones who was a year ahead of us at East. In 1972 we moved to Kansas City and raised our three children there for 18 years, then moved to Des Moines, Iowa for 10 years.

I was a Graphic Designer all those years and had my own business. When we moved to Iowa I went to work for Meredith Corporation. It was my dream job. I designed Direct Mail promoting Better Homes and Gardens and 17 other national magaziners and when I returned to Salt Lake I became self employed again and built up a successful base of clients.

When we returned to Salt Lake in 1997 and were thrilled to be home. Unfortunately Brent died in January of 1999. I figured I would travel from one child to the next for the remainder of my life. Then one day Jim Backman called and asked me out. We will have been married 10 years this December. Life is sooo good. We travel a lot, golf, travel from one child to the next and enjoy our condo in Midway and our 25 grandchildren. You just never know what life will bring.
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James Smyth
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July 10, 1944 Saint George UT Retired Married 6
My wife Mignon and I spent the majority of my working career in Idaho and there raised our six children. I retired at the end of 2009 from BYU-Idaho, after 31 total years of delightful employment; the final 20 years of that time I served as Administrative Vice President. After having survived 31 hard winters, we elected to move to Saint George to enjoy a warmer climate in the years ahead. I am looking forward to the reunion and becoming reacquainted with many of you.
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Robert Buehler
Bountiful UT Retired Married 3
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Terry Jensen
Sandy Married 4
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