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Jim Derrick
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June 07, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Manager Married 7

          I was hoping to wait until I could write my “last” chapter before submitting this report to you. However, it was not an option afforded me. What is there to say? I am an old man! Notwithstanding, Karen and I are still trying to have children. We are aiming for thirty seven. We are coaxing our three sons and four daughters to contribute a just few more. We discovered the joy of family!
          About me? Retirement is on hold for now until my bride qualifies for Social Security benefits; a legacy of robbing the cradle forty-one years ago. Until then I will continue the ritual drive to Jordan Commons. When Larry Miller promised me “never a dull day” I didn’t realize how accurate his commitment would be. Managing property and working on special projects for the Miller Group of Companies has been a fulfilling way to complete my business career.
         Perhaps, I am getting ahead of myself. Undoubtedly you want to know what this survivor did with these fresh fifty years. Good question! All the Sisyphusic days since high school graduation are finally making sense and are not so futile. Age had a way of changing my perspective and the value of trials. So, here is my report.
         My education at the University of Utah was interrupted by thirty months of church service in the Southern Far-East Mission. Upon arrival at the mission home I was told I would be spending my time learning Cantonese and teaching the people of Hong Kong (the other possible options were English in the Philippians and Mandarin in Taiwan). The influence of this LDS Church mission continues to define who I am today; one who frequents any Chinatown or Cantonese restaurant that can be found. In addition, every Oriental I pass is scrutinized as to which Far-Eastern country they originate with the hope that I can shock one with a Chinese greeting or two. (Can you imagine the embarrassment of saying hello in Cantonese to a Korean?)
          Upon returning home I reenrolled at the University. Cantonese skills earned me a call from the CIA. I was invited to join them after graduation. (I never gave it a second thought.) My schooling was interrupted again as I found the compelling need (our generation knows what that means) to enlist in the military. Again, using some Chinese credentials I qualified for the Army’s Intelligence Branch. There I was trained with the “Super Spooks” (never sure why they were nickname this or what they actually did) to be an image interpreter (regarding aerial surveillance) and an interrogator of POWs (I was Mutt and the other guy was Jeff). True to military protocol, training and application never intersected.
          After five years of studying at the U, I graduated with an engineering degree. My résumé lists employment in various capacities and businesses commencing with Kennecott Copper Corporation and Western Steel Company. Later, I formed a manufacturing and contracting business which operated in the states of Utah, California and Washington. Upon selling this business I became a consulting engineer. This work ended with a consulting position in remediating a uranium millsite in Monticello, Utah (the commute was a killer). After this Larry Miller invited me into his office and offered me an unspecified job with an undefined salary (it was his unconventional way of doing business).
          I am mostly famous in life for marrying Karen Guymon, a native of San Francisco. Wherever I am introduced I hear the words, “Oh, you are Karen’s husband!” (I never thought that this was the way I would be recognized as a celebrity!)  In 1976 we built a home in a new subdivision in the Avenues of Salt Lake. Aside from the mission, my feet have forever remained within our old East High School boundaries.
          A lifetime of daily challenges hasn’t been easy. I often wondered where this struggling would lead me. But now, looking back these many years, I have realized much happiness. Oh, there are many things I would have done differently, given the chance again. But, I am satisfied with the results. Yet, inasmuch as there are surely more rocks left to roll, I would have preferred having you wait a little longer for this report so I could include them in my final chapter. I am still hopeful that this last piece will explain how I used my vast wealth to bailout our federal government and would include something about my involvement in that world peace thing. As I recall, they were both on my 1962 To Do list. I have probably put those things off long enough and should really start to focus on getting them off my bucket list. 
           Now you now have my Fifty Year report. Please don’t think I will be doing this again in 2062 just for the sake of including that final chapter. Yet, it could be done! That’s why I have that posterity. Let’s see what they have to write for my obituary. Oooh, I can hardly wait to read it! 
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Dave Johnson
Henderson NV Golf Professional/Insurance Broker Divorced 3
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Susan Seward (Anderson)
July 16, 1944 Cedar Hills UT Retired Married 8
 After graduating from East, I attended BYU (Go Cougars!) where I sang with Women's Chorus for three years. Upon marrying Bob Anderson, a California boy, on May 28, 1965, my adventures began. We have been blessed with eight wonderful children, four boys and four girls, and twenty-five beautiful and brilliant grandchildren. My family has been my greatest blessing.

We have lived in Provo, Salt Lake, Riverside, California, St. Louis, Missouri, and ended up in Turlock, California for 34 years where my husband was a Spanish professor at California State University Stanislaus. I worked for several years teaching disabled adults through Modesto Jr. College and United Cerebral Palsy. We moved to Cedar Hills, Utah in 2002 after we retired.

We have been able to travel throughout the world: North America, Europe, Scandinavia, Central America, South America, Northern Africa, and Asia. Some of the highlights include living in Madrid, Spain for 2 years and Mexico for eight months as a result of my husband's work. From September 2006 to August 2007 we had an opportunity to teach English in China for a year through the BYU China Teacher Program . In addition, we recently returned from an 18 month mission to Guatemala, the most life changing experience that I have ever had.

I enjoy traveling, teaching, reading, riding ATV's, fishing, attending BYU basketball and football games, and doing genealogy. Life has been good.


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Jill Butterfield (Halliday)
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Profile picture
April 30, 1944 Salt Lake City, Utah UT Retired Married 2
 Hello, everyone! I have absolutely loved getting acquainted and reacquainted with you on this reunion website, and I thank Jim and Lynn and everyone involved for all that you’re doing to make the reunion a wonderful thing.

It’s hard to believe fifty years have passed. And that it’s been fifty-two years since that long-ago day when, at the brand-new beginning of our sophomore year, I stood on the front steps of East (steps no longer there) talking to a friend who was beginning her junior year. As we talked I thought, “I’m so much luckier than she...I have three more years here; she only has two.” Fast-forward through those short three years and find me in the foyer of East with another friend, a fellow senior. At the end of that day we’ve all been cavorting through the halls doing fun and festive things, right on the brink of our graduation, and she’s in tears. I’m asking why.  Her answer:  No one’s had as much fun here as I have. No one.” We were both very sad to leave.

Years, decades, half a century have passed...and here we are: on the brink of our fiftieth reunion. It’s truly mind-boggling.

My David and I married in 1966 and moved to Vacaville CA where he was in the Air Force at Travis, then finished school and taught humanities at DeAnza College.  I taught elementary school.  We were there for thirty-six years, then came home in retirement, ten years ago.  We love being back in Salt Lake!

Some of you may know our talented son, David Stuart, a teacher and musician (check out his website:  www.davidhallidaymusic.com). He teaches at the U of U and Westminster, teaches privately, clinics, parties, performs all over town and out of state, has produced (his own production company:  lonepeaksound) and performed on many albums with two in the wings, currently being mixed and mastered: The Ballads Album and The New Orleans Project (see his website under “News”).  His specialty is jazz, but he plays all kinds of music (also performs with the Utah Symphony). He and my husband David Roy, also a talented musician, taught a clinic together at Utah State University two weeks ago. My standard line about him is, "It's hard to be modest about him" because truly he is an amazing musician, but he's also a sweet, devoted, and very funny son too. So grateful for him!

Beautiful daughter Valeri - a sweetheart. She and her husband Neil have given us our two beautiful grandchildren: Chloe (6 ½) and Ryan (3 ½). They live in Ripon, CA, - I wish they were just around the corner, but David Roy is wonderful to send me off to be a grandma every few months, and they visit here often. Valeri is a stay-at-home mom and professional photographer (www.facebook.com/vandersenphotography). She is, like her dad, a gifted writer, and one of my favorite things to do is to read her tender, funny, informative blog (www.valeriandersen.blogspot.com). 

David’s mother is our only parent living on earth...she’s a 95-year-old darling who lives at The Wellington and is doing well. One day each week my siblings and I (and spouses and children who can come) have lunch together.  How fun that is!

Retirement is busy! David and I are both active in our churches. David joined the Catholic Church eight years ago. I'm devout LDS. We just know this will all be worked out.  As a Catholic, he leads a Bible Study in his parish which I attend and for which he writes beautiful commentary. A happy surprise found those we affectionately call “the Kretchman girls” there:  Nancy, Sally and our own fellow graduate, Jane, currently in Africa with the Peace Corps. David supports me in my LDS ward, including in DUP where I will be Captain next year. I love everyone in his parish and am so grateful for this opportunity of getting to know them, and to share this experience with David.

Live is full of surprises and wonderful things.  David and I wish we’d started sooner and had more kids, but we are so very grateful for the two we have, as well as for grandchildren.

I can’t make the reunion this year because for Christmas Valeri gave me tickets to “Time Out for Women” which happens in Sacramento on the very same days as the reunion! Sept. 7 and 8 this year. So I’ll miss it again.  I will miss seeing everyone, but I hope to see you at the next reunion!


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Celestia Van Tussenbroek (Cragun)
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'' 4

Celestia Van Tussenbroek Cragun

Family:  Married to Cal Cragun (East '59) Two daughters, two sons (one deceased at age 31), seven  grandchildren.

Education:  University of Utah:  BS 1966, MBA 1994.

Employment:  Retired three years ago as staff auditor Salt Lake County.

Since Retirement:  Volunteer doing taxes for low-income citizens (VITA-Volunteer Income Tax Assistance), serve in Salt Lake Temple, spend time at family cabin, still an active mom for our special-needs son.

Thoughts for the future:  Endure (happily) to the end.

Contact Information:  cragun6@gmail.com

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Robert "Bob" Warner
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October 25, 1944 Holladay UT Printer [retired] Married 2
After graduation and a short time in the army I went to work for Albertsons Food Stores where I worked for ten years, the last year as  a  store manager in Northern California. I met and married my wife Lana Payne while working for Albertsons in Salt Lake.  I was transferred to Modesto, California, then to the bay area. Our 2 sons were born there.  I left Albertsons to go to work for my father in the family printing business, Color Litho Lab, back in Salt Lake along with four of my five brothers and my only sister. We moved back to the bay area for 2 years to open an office for Color Litho in San Francisco, then back to Salt Lake to stay. I took over as president of the company after the retirement of my father in 1990. The family decided to sell the company in July of 2001. I stayed on with the new owners as a salesman until my retirement in December of 2009. Lana worked for Hunter Douglas Window Coverings for thirty five years as the Director of Human Resources.  She retired in December 2010.  Over 20 years ago we bought a small farm with a 150 year old farm house in Paris, Idaho and spent all of our weekends restoring the house. Now that we are retired, we spend half of our time there and half in Holladay.  We have 5 grandchildren and love spending time with them.  One of our favorite things to do is get in the car and drive with no specific destination.  This summer we spent 32 days, drove 7,400 miles and covered 21 states and the District of Columbia. 
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Shauna Gygi (Forsyth)
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February 02, 1944 Orem UT Secretary/Medical Assistant BYU Health Center Widowed 6
Dear Wonderful Classmates!  I still stand a little taller, cheer a little louder, and converse with confidence and pride when I talk about our East High School!  I married Tom Golightly in 1965 and had two children; Holly and John.  We later divorced.  I married Don Forsyth in 1973 and we had four children; Michael, Cathy William and Jill.  He passed away in 2006.  I've lived in Orem 39 years.  I loved being a stay-at-home mom.  My full time career came later in life where I have been with BYU Student Health Center, working at Missionary Training Center, in the Immunization Clinic for 13 years.  I have assisted in tracking, scheduling and processing over 260,000 missionaries during this time.  I enjoy my six children and 16 grandchildren. My memories of East High include making forever friendships that continue to this day.  I've learned that life is tough; that you have to have the times on the mountains to get you through the valleys. I would like to be remembered as being "skinny"....then and for always wanting to be where the fun was!  I still enjoy domestic life, my family, my friends, my work.  Regrets....?  I should have been a movie critic.  I love them and give a pretty good review! Send Shauna a MessageSend Shauna a Message
Kathryn Lloyd (Stewart)
March 01, 1944 Cottonwood Heights UT Married 3
 Hi Everyone, 
I can't believe it's been fifty years since we graduated! During my adult life, I've felt it very important to help others where I can, so I've spent most of that time teaching elementary school. My biggest joy has come from helping children succeed and feel good about themselves.
I have 3 wonderful daughters. I married my second husband in 2005 and together we have 18 grandchildren. 
Can't wait to see you at the reunion and see if you too have aches and pains!
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George Woodhead
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Male June 23, 1944 Colorado Springs CO Property Management Married 4
Shortly after high school, to serve my then manditory military obligation, I joined the Utah Nat'l Guard, 144th Evacuation Hospital with 14 other members of the Class of 1962. We were sent to Fort Ord, CA for basic military training and then to Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX to be trained as Army Medics.
         In 1968 I graduated from Westminster College with my B.S. degree with majors in Business Administration and Economics and a minor in Political Science.
         Directly after college I went to work as an Import-Export trader for Otis McAlister Export Corp., the oldest import-export company in San Franciso, CA.
         Later I returned to SLC and joined my mother and father in our family rental equipment company. Dad's conservative business sense, mom's common sense and legal secretary experience coupled with my youth and agressiveness made a good team for rapid growth and satisfaction.
         In 1971 I married Hope Winsor Trumbull from Boston, MA and Santa Monica, CA. What a wonderful gift of God she has been for now more than 41 years. She graduated from Santa Monica High School in the class of 1970 and then came to Westminster College in Salt Lake. We have 4 children and 2 grand daughters. Our children live in Colorado Springs, New York City and British Columbia, Canada. One son Robert works with Hope and I  in property management. Our daughter Janet with her B.A. in Marketing and two daughters does accounting, payroll and marketing for her husbands company with more than 400 employees. Our son Vern with his B.A. in Music is a professional musician in New York City. Our son Walter with his B.A. in Earth Sciences and his wife with her B.A. in Horse Psychology raise Icelandic Ponys in Brithish Columbia and travel the world teaching people how to train horses with a gentle touch method.
         After we sold the family rental equipment company I formed a real estate brokerage company that specialized in 1031 tax free exchanges. My agents and I traveled to many seminars to hone our knowledge and taught our own real estate seminars for fun and profit.
         Great opportunity followed. I was appointed an Officer and Director of Bertagnole Investment Company. We formed and managed many companies and projects: East Canyon Resort, The Kimball time share, Overthrust Oil and Gas, Fitness America spas,+.  I had more than 40 real estate agents licensed with me at that time.
         The savings and loan crisis came along and changed things dramatically. I moved my office into a law firm and spent the next 5 years trying to save what could be saved.
         Then, as a capitalist who no longer had any capital, looking for opportunity, I moved to the border of California and Mexico to Tecate and for the next 17 years lived in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico forming businesses on both sides of the international border.
         On the US side of Tecate, I formed a border services business with eventually 150 mini storage units, mini offices with bilingual answering service, big rig truck parking, border auto parking, cross dock loading services and more for the companies and people at the international border.
         On the Mexican side of Tecate, I joined with Mexican partners in furniture manufacturing. We made Victorian style oak antique replica furniture. We, at one time, had more than 200 employees in that operation. It was fun, creative and challenging.
         My wife Hope and I were very active in community affairs on both sides of the border. We served as: President of the Chamber of Commerce, President of the Kiwanis, President of the volunteer fire department, President of the PTA, and numerous other charity and community service activities.  My wife Hope distributed much needed clothing to churches throughout Tecate, Mexico for redistribution to those in need.  
         About 4 years ago we followed our daugher, son-in-law and two grand daughters to Colorado Springs.
         We are semi-retired, managing family owned apartments here in Colorado Springs.
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Geraldine (Gerri) Tolman (Coombs)
February 14, 1944 Salt Lake City UT retired elementary school teacher/mom & grandmother-ongoing Married 4
Since high school highlights: Most important married for almost 46 years to a Highland HS grad, David Coombs.  Having 3 daughters and 1 son, 3 sons-in-law, 1 daughter-in-law, 3 grand-daughters, and 4 grand-sons with 1 more on the way.  Graduated from the U. of U. in 1966, taught K, 1st, 2nd grades for 23 years, plus taught arts and crafts at the Pioneer Craft House community school part-time for 2 years. Earned my ESL, Gifted and Talented, and Art teaching endorsements. Active in the community through PTA, including VP of Granite Park Jr. High PTSA & Pres. of Evergreen Jr. High PTSA; leader in Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts. Written, directed, produced many dramas for the LDS ward and stake in which I live. Served in leadership and teaching calling in the LDS church. Currently a docent at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts & on 2012-13 UMFA docent steering committee.
Favorite HS Memories: Pep Club, Seminary, watching Football & basketball games, Sr. Choir, art classes, making banners and posters for events, assemblies, being in Finians Rainbow.
         I'd like to be remembered as a "creative doer", although to do, first one has to think. Also I want to be thought of as "young in heart".
         I learned that at 65 I could travel through Europe without a guide and survive and found that I love Paris in the fall and Venice even when it rains.
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