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Terry Traxler (Coke-Kerr)
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October 02, 1944 Tarpon Springs, FL Retired Advertising/Communications Widowed
Looking forward to renewing acquaintances from East High and to visiting post-Olympics SLC!  I am retired in the Tampa Bay area, take lots of ballet classes to stay in shape, do some charity work, help out my 89-yr-old mother who lives nearby, walk my dog and travel whenever possible!  

How amazing that High School was 50 years ago!  
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John Fawcett
March 02, 1944 Newchapel Retired Married 7
We are thoroughly enjoying our 18 months here in London.  We are anticipating our return just prior to Christmas, 2012 Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Rich Moore
June 20, 1944 Park City UT Consultant Married
I look forward to our 50th class reunion.  Together we've put a lot of water under the bridges of life, and sharing those experiences is the best part of any reunion.

Here's a quick glance at what I've been up to over the past half century:

Education: University of Utah: B.S 1966, M.B.A 1967

Military: Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve

Family: Married 45 years to my sweetheart, Nancy Jane Miller Moore.  We met at the "U"

Work: U.S. Coast Guard Academy Economics Professor.
Business owner-- twice. Environmental Consultant and Trainer for the past couple of decades.

Home: Park City, Utah, since 1990

Interests: Avid skier, biker (the pedals kind), sailor, and traveler.

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Tom Hollberg
October 09, 1943 Coalville UT Renovator Single 3
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marilee bonny
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washington UT Married 4
 After graduation from the University of Utah I married Dennis Bonny and we began our life as corporate gypsies.
We lived in Phoenix, Bakersfield, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara before finally settling in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  I worked for several years in protective services through child welfare but it was a very difficult and emotional job.  When we decided to start a family I chose to quit and spent the next years raising my four children.  When my youngest started school I was more than ready to become a real person again.  I wanted a fun job and my friend offered me a position in her jewelry store.  It was perfect - no stress, flexible hours and something I could leave at the end of the day.  I ended up staying in the business for 20 years as a salesperson, trainer, and store manager.  I was even able to go on a diamond buying trip to Antwerp.

We loved living in Oregon - it was beautiful - but you have to pay a price for all that greenery.  It certainly rained a lot!  When my husband was forced into early retirement by a company downsize we knew changes had to be made.  If we weren't working we wanted to be playing and needed more sunshine. So 12 years ago we moved to St. George, Utah. Great decision! We still spent our summers in Bend, Oregon so we have had the best of both worlds.  It also helps that all of of our children and our 6 grandchildren live in the Salt Lake area.

Life is good!  My health is great and my favorite things to do are anything I can do outside (running, biking, hiking, you name it).  Denny and I travel quite a bit and of course spend lots of time with our family.

Unfortunately, I had volunteered to be on the support team for my oldest son in his bike race from Logan to Jackson Hole and it is the weekend of the reunion.  But even though I won't be there, I would love to keep in touch with old friends.  Please send me a message!

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Spencer Redman
Garland City UT Retired Police Officer Married 5

Dear Class of 1962:

        I was able to work hard and steadily after graduation.
        I was called the the Western Canadian Mission for the LDS Church and spent two years in Western Canada after which I joined the Utah National Guard to serve my time with the Federal Government.
        My mos was 91B10 Medical Corp and my training was at Fort Ord, California and Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
        I came back to SL and met my beautiful wife, DeAnn Benson from Weston, ID. We married in 1966. After struggling through school I applied for the Utah Highway Patrol and we were hired September 1970. I was sent to Wendover, Utah from 1970-72. I transferred to Roosevelt, Utah and spent time 1972-75 as a road trooper in the Uinta Basin. I was able to put together an oil field welding rig-up truck and worked both jobs.
        I transferred to Box Elder County in 1975 and was a road trooper in that county until 1990. I took my 20 year retirement and went to work at Nucor Steel until 2000. I left Necor and went to work for Garland City Police Department as an officer and worked till 2010. I also worked as a volunteer fire fighter until 2010. I was able to serve as President of the Utah Retired Troopers Association from 2008-2010. I was able to serve being as a fair, firm and just officer to my fellow human beings.
        DeAnn and I were blessed with five wonderul children: two sons and three daughters. Our children have done pretty good and have given us 11 delightful grandchildren: 4 granddaughters and 7 grandsons. We have spent thirty six years living in beautiful Box Elder County, Garland, Utah. These past two years we have had some health set backs but enjoying what life has given us. Best of everthing to all our classmates.

Spencer Redman

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joann franz (turner)
July 19, 1943 preston ID retired Married 3
i retired from jordan school district after twenty years,and was campass security for seventeen years at west jordan high school and two years at bingham highschool and one year at bingham middle school. i loved my job, and really enjoyed working with the teenagers. when i retired, my husband sold his trucking company and we moved to preston idaho, where we built a beautiful home. now we are closer to our two daughters and our eleven grandchildren. we now have three beautiful great grandchildren., our son moved to florida last may. for fun we work for a photo co. at christmas time and are mr. and mrs. santa claus. at the malls. we did two years in conn., three years in texas and one year in calif. this year we will be at city creek mall in salt lake city. wayne and i still ride a harley davidson motorcycle and this year we went to sturgis south dakota and bought a harley davidson trike (a three wheeler) and we love it. Send joann a MessageSend joann a Message
Pamela Brasher (Watson)
December 28, 1943 Spanish Fork UT Sharing Happiness Married 3
My husband, Brent, and I met at the University of Utah where we both graduated.  We married 2 years later and started our life together in Sale Lake.  For a good part of our married life after our children were grown and gone, we spent time working together on Land Development in Ogden, West Salt Lake, Springville, and Moab.  We enjoyed that work but then decided to go on an LDS Mission for 2 years with our Church.  We were lucky enough to be able to proselyte in Spanish and English and loved our mission.  We are now enjoying our children and 14 grandchildren, two of whom are on full time missions in Indonesia and Argentina.
We have remained very close to my five brothers and sisters and their spouses.  We look forward to seeing many of our East High friends and enjoying an evening together.
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Nancy Hewlett (Pahnke)
November 13, 1943 Lafayette CA Retired Married 3
First of all, for those of you who may be wondering, I have not adopted Barbara Rees....My husband David and I have been married nearly 45 years, have 3 sons, and now happily claim my longtime friend Barbara as my sister-in-law.  She can now share the "hanky panky" jokes that I have endured for many years.    I moved to San Francisco, after graduating from the University of Utah, (David followed me there in 1967 and we married later that year) I worked 25 years in the airline business in Sales and Marketing and loved almost every minute of it.  We were blessed with three wonderful sons.  Our youngest, Ben, passed away from leukemia at the age of 8...His illness ended my airline career and I moved into a new phase of my life.  We have been thrilled to have our other two sons back in the Bay Area after completing college, missions and grad school.  Our oldest son Matt and his wife Jill  have three beautiful sons and we love being able to see them often.  Our second son Mark got married  a couple of weeks ago and will be moving to Seattle to be with his bride.  He  and his wife Emily met and lived in the the Bay Area, so we're  hopeful they may return to this area if their jobs permit.    I have always enjoyed travel and continue to do so......We do a lot of cruising these days and try to visit Hawaii a couple of times a year...(still my favorite place, having lived there in the 60's).  We spend most of the summer at our family ranch up on the Upper Provo...(in Woodland, Utah)...and feel we have the best of both worlds...living in California and Utah...I have many, many great memories of East High years....and experiences there....and best of all, relationships and friends.  I look forward to seeing those of you who are at the reunion...  Send Nancy a MessageSend Nancy a Message
Howard Fisher
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November 29, 1943 Sandy UT Aviation/Mining Married 5
          Following EHS graduation I attended the University of Utah for a year then served an LDS Mission to the Eastern Canada.
          Graduated from the University of Utah in 1968 and worked as an intern with the Salt Lake Police Department until joining the United States Navy for a career that spanned 30 years with the equivalent of 3 tours in SE Asia and a tour as Weapons Instructor in the Advanced Jet Training Command. I assumed command of a Navy Squadron during Operation Desert Storm from 1990-1991 and held a Joint Service Command (Army, Air Force and Navy) from 1997 until retiring from the Navy in1998.
          On the civilian aviation side I was Director of G-IV operations for Forstmann Little & Co.(a major player in the book/movie Barbarians at the Gate) until joining Northwest Airlines. I retired from Northwest as a Captain on the 757-300, arguably the best job in the world.
           On the business side, from 1995 to present I have been the Managing Partner for the Little Valley Group, a mining investment company. In 2011, in partnership with a Chicago real estate developer, we founded Nevada Metal Mines, LLC, a mining exploration and development company. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of  a multinational corporation where we have recently completed a reverse merger/acquisition with a major Chinese industrial company and now have a  marketing and sales presence in all 22 provinces and 5 autonomous regions of China.
           My wife Vickie (South High class of '65) has stuck it out for 43 years as we have seen much of the world and lived in 23 different locations in the US, Canada and Asia. We have 5 wonderful children and 11 grandchildren.    
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