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Carter Cornwall
March 07, 1944 Belmont MA College professor Married 3

I and my wife irene have lived in Belmont, Massachusetts since 1973.  We have three children,  I am a Professor of Bipohysics at Boston University Scholl of Medicine where I teach and do research.  We are actrive in Church (LDS) and our local community.  We spend summers in the Uintah mountains in Utah. 

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LaNeal Anderson (Livingston)
Knoxville TN Married 4
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Robert Burton Ward
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Carmel CA Architect/Educator Married 5

Ah, the fascination... the curiosity... the self measuring... the reflection...
How did he turn out? Where is she now? 
The long past feelings, the hopes and fears of high school...
The excitement and wonder of the future just waiting ahead...
It was so long ago and far away.
Still, pleasures and stings feel like yesterday.
But yet...
So different from now.
We see the tragedies of early passing-ons,  
Leaving longings to know fragments, facts, and circumstances.
Ultimate sacrifices in Viet Nam by friends that cut off bright promised futures,
Juxtaposed with blessings of fortune upon others, judged by us, back then, as not quite worthy.
We cannot avoid the imaginings.
What would have happened, if I knew then..?

Susan Sigrid Larsen, who dazzled me in my second year at Stanford, and I have been together over 48 years now. 

Yes, I raised a lot of hell, made my share of mistakes, and I am still rocking the boat, making conventional people uncomfortable... 

But, the Church is the rock which centers my life, and has anchored my family for generations.
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Ingrid Schruhl (Dame)
August 02, 1943 St George UT retired Married 9
I have had a busy wonderful 50 years. I have lived in many parts of the US, namely New York City, Kansas City, Treasure Island, CA, Hawaii, Rota, Spain, Virginia Beach , VA, met wonderful people and have had amazing experiences. Between my wonderful husband John and myself we have 9 children and 22 awesome  grandchildren. We are semi retired and live in St George in the Winter and Bear Lake( Fish Haven, ID) in the Summer. The best of both worlds.
 We have been very fortunate to be able to travel. I am a cruise-a-holic and have been on 23. We have been to Europe, the Medeteranian, Australia, New Zealand, the Carribean, South America, Alaska, Hawaii  and most of the Church sites. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways, good health being the greatest blessing and of course family and good friends and  we are so grateful to our Heavenly Father. Am looking forward to this reunion to see old friends again.
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David (Bo) Lewis
April 24, 1943 UT retired developer Married 2
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Joseph B. Wirthlin, Jr.
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December 19, 1943 Whitesboro NY Mission President-Utica New York Married 8
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Sandy Peel
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October 17, 1943 Salt Lake City UT Genealogist Divorced

Born in 1943, I spent my first 21 years in Salt Lake City, daughter of Robert Calvin Peel and Billee Beverly Thomas Peel. My father died in 1952, when he was 29.
After high school, I started college, and served in the North British Mission.
Married in the Salt Lake Temple by President LeGrand Richards to Michael Carl Adams of Santa Ana, California in 1967. We have since divorced.
B.A. from the University of Utah graduating with a major in History and minor in Political Science. Spent a summer at Sarah Lawrence representing U. of Utah at the Colligate Council of the U.N. Received two Hinckley Internships. Completed two years graduate work in Middle East Studies, Persian and Hebrew, one of which was a graduate fellowship at the University of Tehran, Iran. In Iran, worked for Dr. Jamshid Amuzegar, Minister of Interior and Representative to OPEC.
I worked 10 years in public relations including, Coordinator for the Glen Campbell L.A. Open Golf Tournament in Los Angeles; Administrative Director and Associate Editor for the American Society of Magazine Photo­graphers, Manager of Investor Relations for Swanton Securities, and a Marketing Consultant for Instinet (Computerized Stock Exchange) in New York. In 1972 I was a clerk in the congressional office of John Myers in Washington, D.C. In 1982 served on the Utah Opera Guild Board, under Chairman Minna F. Work.
Lived in Iran, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Washington, D. C., Miamii, New York City and England for over 20 years, and returned to Salt Lake in the 1990’s.
An avid genealogist all my life, I finally became a full time genealogist with my own company. Since 2000 I have been the Forensic Genealogist for the U.S. Repatriation Project.
In 2011 I began working with the Women’s State Legislative Council of Utah. Served as Co-Chair of the Natural Resource, Environment and Energy Committee for the 2012 Legislative Session.
Hobbies are Middle East and Old Testament History, personal genealogy and politics. I have spent a lot of time in local politics having served as a State College Republican Secretary, Part Time Print Researcher RNC 1972, Utah State Legislative Intern 1973, Legislative District Vice Chairman 1971, 1975, CPAC staff and Associate Member Sacramento County Republican Party 1979, Utah State Delegate 1972, 1982, County Delegate 2010, 2012.
I enjoy gardening and travel. My travels have taken me to the Middle East, China, Morocco, Europe, South Africa, Mexico, Canada and most of the U.S. I hope there is still more travel in my life.
I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is the center of my life.
I am looking forward to the reunion and seeing if I can still recognize you guys.
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Jane Parrish (Kinzie)
February 05, 1944 Bethesda MD Business Owner www.kinziegenerators.com Married 2

Life since East High has been eventful and good.  I went on to get a graduate degree from University of Oregon and then moved East to start a career in satellite communications.  I left the satellite business in 1995
as Director, Human Resources, for INTELSAT (international organization in Washington, DC) and started my own business growing azaleas (East Coast specialty).  Then in 2000 my husband and I expanded the business to include standby automatic generators.  We are now the leading residential dealer for Cummins Onan generators on the East Coast. 

Life continues to be very rewarding and fun.  I had planned to come to the reunion, but big East Coast storm on June 29 resulted in a year's worth of business in one month.  Small businesses must cope.  I will be thinking of everyone on Sept 7. Hope to make the next reunion.   Best to all.   Jane
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Sue Grover (Williams)
February 16, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Business Owner Married
I remember when I was teaching school and my co-worker had her 50th reunion at East High.  I couldn't imagine a 50 year reunion...but, now, I'm excited to attend ours.

After graduating from the U, I received my Masters at Oregon State University and returned to Utah to begin my teaching career at Olympus Jr High in Salt Lake City.  I taught Foods, Clothing, and Teen Lliving.  My husband, O.D. Williams and I started a software company, CMS, Inc, in 1981 and we're still in business selling our software to the government and large companies.  We're not retired, but since we're the bosses, we are flexible with the hours!

I have taught piano for over 35 years.  My husband and I serve in the Salt Lake Temple and take any chance to visit the Oregon coast.  Besides Oregon, I have enjoyed traveling in the U.S., Eurpoe and Africa.  I really enjoy my Nook!
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Terry Traxler (Coke-Kerr)
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October 02, 1944 Tarpon Springs, FL Retired Advertising/Communications Widowed
Looking forward to renewing acquaintances from East High and to visiting post-Olympics SLC!  I am retired in the Tampa Bay area, take lots of ballet classes to stay in shape, do some charity work, help out my 89-yr-old mother who lives nearby, walk my dog and travel whenever possible!  

How amazing that High School was 50 years ago!  
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