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Patricia Forsberg
June 20, 1944 Missoula MT Artist Married
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Geneal Wood (Newman)
October 22, 1943 alpine UT housewife Married 10
  I worry about finding the friends that I was so fond of in my High School years.  A small update from our last reunion.  John and I know have along with our 10 children, 28 grandchildren.  We have really, really large family parties as you can imagine.  So much fun.
  John and I have been called to a service mission.  Our calling is to attend and give lessons for Family Home Evening at the Prison in Draper.  It has been an amazing experience.  Please help me find and recognize my friends.
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Pat Denhalter (Judkins)
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August 02, 1944 Salt Lake City UT 2nd Grade Teacher Married 5
I am really enjoying reading about all of our classmates. I'm still teaching--only half time, thank goodness. We have 13 grandchildren including 2 "instant" ones who joined our family, when our son finally got married recently. We enjoy U. of U. Football Games, family activities, and traveling whenever we get the chance.  Send Pat a MessageSend Pat a Message
Bonnie Eakle (Walkingshaw)
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Centerville UT Nursing Education (semi-retired) Married 4

I married Frank Benson in 1964. Together we had 4 wonderful children and now have 9 precious grandchildren. However, Frank and I divorced in 1998. Five years later I married Bob Walkingshaw and have expanded my family with his 3 children, 10 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Fortunately, most of our family members live in Utah, and we enjoy being with them.

From University of Utah I received a BS in Nursing in 1966 and an MS in Medical-Surgical Nursing in 1969. I have worked as a registered nurse in several hospitals but have spent most of my career teaching nursing students—at University of Hawaii, Weber State University, North Idaho College and Westminster College. In 2006 I retired as a Professor of Nursing from Westminster, though in 2008 I returned there part time as a BSN Clinical Coordinator.
Always active LDS, Bob and I have served as ordinance workers in the Bountiful Temple since 2006. We feel very blessed.
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Dilworth Strasser
January 08, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Retired Married 8
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Stephen Snow
February 18, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Education-Retired Single
I have lived a rather ordinary life surrounded by extraordinary people.

Following EHS graduation I attended the University of Utah for a year, then served LDS Mission to the Eastern States. Mission service included service at LDS Church Pavilion New York World's Fair 1964-65.

Study at U of U followed, interrupted by being drafted into United States Army at age 24 at the height of Viet Nan War.  Two years in army, followed by delayed graduation from the U at age 27.

Before graduation I had already begun what would become a 32 year career as Director of Public Events at the U of U School of Music.  It was there that I came love, nurture, guide and teach eight generations of young music students.  A career on a university campus cannot be beat. 

I am single, never married.  Now in retirement I spend time in volunteer work and caring for senior citizen mother,
98 years of age.  I now live with my mother and may be the only '62 graduate residing in the same home as when he attended EHS.
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Linda Carr (Langley)
January 28, 1944 Vernal 'Utah Wife, Sweetheart and Homemaker Married 8
Linda Carr Langley
Sunday, January 1, 2012

I am looking forward to bringing my husband of 34 years of marriage and joining the festivities at the reunion. We have 8 children and are retired. My husband graduated from the BYU with a master's degree in Physics. We keep busy tutoring one of our sons in college as well as keeping up with our children and grandchildren and doing personal history. I have attended the University of Utah where I took advanced classes in business and graduated from LDS Business College with an associate degree in Secretarial Science. I have worked as a secretary for the Bureau of Reclamation, Hill Air Force Base, LDS Church/ Missionary and Membership Depts., and the Council of the Twelve office. I also served a mission in the Northern States.

My greatest accomplishment has been a mother of 8 children with my husband and a grandmother of 12 wonderful grandchildren. Hope to see many classmates at the upcoming reunion.

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Jane Jackson (Howell)
June 27, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Housewife, mother Married 5
How could it possibly be 50 years since we all graduated?  I'm grateful that the reunion is in September, we return in August from 23 months serving in the Southeast Africa area as Auditors/trainers for the LDS Church.  We trained in 23 different African countries traveling 88,000 miles within the African Continant.  What a "ride" it has been.   Our 5 children, their spouses  and 5 grandchildren are thrilled that we have returned.  What life holds for us next is unknown, but I'm sure it will be interesting.  Looking forward to seeing old friends!! Send Jane  a MessageSend Jane a Message
Suzanne Jeppson (Tate)
June 12, 1944 SLC UT homemaker Married 5

I loved high school, loved learning and enjoyed the best classmates in the world!  Remember when we paid 19 cents/gallon of gas due to neighborhood gas wars! 

I experienced a BYU semester in Salzburg, Austria studying voice and piano at the Mozarteum Music Academy and performed in a chamber choir throughout Europe; however, I graduated from the U of U in education having paid tuition by waitressing, teaching piano, ballet and selling clothing at Jak's Bridal Arts. 

As a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for 21 years, I performed throughout the USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Israel. Travels have taken me to 38 countries.

Other church service has included serving in most auxilliaries as well as the General Church Music Committee, and as Nevada Las Vegas LDS Mission President's wife, and Area Seventy wife.  

Best of all, I married our East High School classmate, Warren Tate.  We have 5 children (including a set of twins), have 20 grandchildren (including a set of twins and triplets) and they all live in the Salt Lake Valley area. Whew!!!  

Life's meaning, focus, and purpose certainly evolve over a lifetime of joys and heartaches that help stretch us.  Raising a family and participating in micro-credit loans to third-world countries have deepened life's meaning. 

With age creeping up, I find new ways to attack the day, have slowed down my golf swing, and frequently walk instead of jog.  And it's OK!!! 

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Wallie Rasmussen
Salt Lake City UT Attorney Married 4
Following the East High years, I majored in Mining Engineering at the University of Utah, obtaining a BS degree.  This was followed by a law degree from the same institution.  By that time, Harriet Richards, from Farmington, and I were married and we accepted a position in the Law Department of Humble Oil and Refining Company, a subsidiary of what is now Exxon Mobil Corporation.  I spend 37 years with ExxonMobil with assignments in Houston, Denver, and West Virginia.  The last few years of my career were with the Exploration group of the company where I had the opportunity to negotiate various oil transactions around the world.  I started my career working on the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline and concluded it negotiating with two other oil companies to develop an Alaskan natural gas pipeline.  Three of our four children live in the Eastern half of the United States, along with seven of nine grandchildren, so we travel a bit.  Both my wife and I served LDS Church missions and recently completed a senior mission with the Temple Department of the Church.  Send Wallie a MessageSend Wallie a Message
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