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Katharine Welch (English)
June 23, 1944 Salt Lake City UT Retired Married 2
After teaching middle school, I became a trial  lawyer and then a state court judge in Oregon for 14 years. I retired but, bored, became the Chief Judge for the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde in Oregon for 7 more years.. Retired again, and bored again, I earned a Master's in Creative Writing and have now substitute taught and tutored at Rowland Hall in SLC for 8 years. I may never retire again. I am married to our classmate, Cary Griffiths. Our joined families include 5 children.
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Lene Thomassen (Beckstead)
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July 14, 1944 Bountiful UT Homemaker Married 6
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Kathryn Lloyd (Stewart)
Cottonwood Heights UT Teacher Married 3
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Jeff Summerhays
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May 05, 1944 Rancho Santa Fe CA Program Manager, Director, Generally in Defense Married 4
After Graduation I joined the National Guard. Was in during the Cuban Missile Crisis and of course Vietnam.

LDS Mission to Australia, 63-65.

Graduated from the U with an Electrical Engineering degree (69) at the same time as U of U alum Nolen Bushnell (invented pong) and Ed Catmull (started Pixar). I guess none of it rubbed off on me. 

During the next 40 years or so I was in the defense business during the cold war (see the book Blind Man's Bluff), the cell phone world with Qualcomm during the dot com bubble, aviation security during 911, and the unmanned vehicle world now. Been a fun ride. 

I married Teri Daynes (Highland Hi). We have 3 daughters a son and a granddaughter. We built our house in Rancho Santa Fe, CA in the early 90's and have raised our family here. I still have two of them at the Y, one a freshman and the other finishing a graduate degree.

I commuted to SLC for 18 months in about 2004 and lived with my brother Terry near East. It was great being around the family again, but decided to stay in San Diego.

I look forward to seeing all of you this fall.

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Deanna Polad (Gill)
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January 31, 1944 Lehi UT Retired Married 6

After reading all of our classmates' successes, exotic travels, accomplishments, titles, talents, occupations, professional associations, educational achievements and community involvements, I have come to the conclusion that I am extraordinarily ordinary.  I am so impressed with everyone.  It just proves the greatness of EHS Class of '62!

I did not go to college, but I was hired as a legal secretary for an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Utah right out of high school, thanks to skills acquired at East High.

My high school sweetheart (Francis Gill, EHS Class of '60) and I married in 1964.  I continued to work for the state for another year.  My husband graduated from the U of U and taught junior high school science in Granite School District for thirty-one years and retired in 1999 with all of his mental faculties still intact. 

During the years of child bearing and rearing, I was able to stay home with our children and worked at temporary office jobs when the need arose.  We were blessed with six children, one of whom is deceased.  We now have eleven grandchildren.  What a joy our family has been for us.  After our youngest child was in school, I went to work full time for a labor union as an administrative assistant for twenty-three years and retired in 2008.  We lived in Salt Lake six years, Sandy nine years, South Jordan twenty-seven years and now in Lehi for the past six years.

My husband and I have served a thirty-month LDS Church service mission at the Family History Library in Salt Lake, and we just began another service mission at the Family History Training Center in Orem.

Life is good.  We have good health with just a few minor maladies.  All of our children live nearby, and we enjoy being with them.

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Elvona J Anderson (Goeckeritz)
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Salt Lake City, UT UT Working part time for a financial planner Married 5

  I worked for a podiatrist for seven years, and have now worked for a financial planner for eleven. I only work on Fridays so I can take care of three of my grandchildren.

We have five children, three sons and two daughters, who all live here in Utah. Our two sons live across the street from us, so we see our grandchildren a lot. We have 13 grandsons and 4 granddaughters, and a great-grandson who will be one in February.

I am so glad my husband and I have had the opportunity to travel. We took our family to Germany when they were young when the Berlin Wall was still up. It was quite an experience for all of us. Raimund and I have gone five other times to Europe. The last time we spent time with his sister and her husband in Berlin, where they are serving a mission. We also have been on two cruises, which is my favorite. We went once to Alaska and once to the Panama Canal. Yellowstone and the sand dunes are another family favorite. We enjoy snowmobiling and 4-wheeling and try to have a lot of fun.

We have had some big trials also in our lives. Raimund was diagnosed with renal carcinoma in 2006, but he is a fighter. He has gone through chemo and radiation, and is still fighting. Keep us in your prayers. This has been one of the hardest things in my life—to see my sweetheart and companion go through this sickness. We will not give up. I am not shy like I was in high school, and I have learned a lot through these experiences.

My husband served as Bishop twice, and it was one of our joys in life to serve our Heavenly Father.  He is also writing a book about his life to share his life in Germany, and what he went through growing up.

My thoughts for the future are that my husband and I have many more years together. I live one day at a time. I hope to see you at the reunion this year and will be looking forward to further information.

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Dennis N/A (Robinson)
January 08, 1944 Montclair CA Psychologist Married
After EHS I went onto Univ. of Ut. for a B.S. and M.S., and I was active in Phi Sigma Kappa. I joined USAF and I was commissioned 03/1969 and served until 04/1974. I returned to Utah while applying to Grad. School. and was admitted to Univ. of Arizona, Dept of Rehab. (Rehab. Psychol. Program) receiving a Doctorate (EdD) in 1979. I married Sherry Lee Smith (Ph.D.) in 1978, and together we moved to Peterborough, Ontaria, Canada to work as a neuropsychologist, Dept. of Psychology, Peterborough Civic Hosptial from 1980 to 1984.  We relocated to Pomona, CA. in 1984 where I worked as a Clinical Director at Casa Colina Rehab. Hospital in the Brain Injury Transitional Living Program until 1987.  I then served as the Clinical Director for Hope Southwest Institute for Brain Injury in Phoenix, AZ. to 1989. Finally, I started private practice in Medical Psychology and Neuropsychology to the present.
Avocationally, I served two terms as president of The Pomona Valley Pilots Association and annually fly in the first airshow of the year in the U.S. (Cable Air Fair, Upland, CA.).
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Bonnie Bronson (Bryner)
January 29, 1944 Salt Lake City, UT Homemaker Married 5
Life has been good to me! East High was the best school to graduate from, and you may have noticed, that many East High graduates marry each other. 

I married Wally Bryner (one year ahead of me at East), graduated from the U of U in Psycology, and then stayed home to raise 5 wonderful children.        

Wally was a Obstetrician Gynecologist at Bryner Clinic. He was a great doctor and my best friend. He is now retired and we get to tend grandchildren and bug our kids.

We had the privilege of living in Mongolia for 2 years when Wally was a Mission President for the LDS Church.  Loved it there!

Some of the wonderful things that our kids are doing are: 

                 *daughter-- became a nurse,
                 *husband-- owns his own furniture manufacturing business  
                 *daughter-- creative sewer
                 *husband-- in Afganistan, fliesApache helicopters
                 *daughter-- well known YA author and received a Newbery Honor for one of her books.
                 *Husband-- Computer genius
                 *Son-- Partner in computer business
                 *wife--Fabulous artist

I can tell that I'm getting older and I want to be able to enjoy all life holds for me.    

I hope we all will be strong and healthy for many years to come.

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David Clegg
October 07, 1944 San Rafael CA Attorney/Real Estate Broker Married

Hi To Everyone   

After leaving East High, I graduated from the U. of U. and then headed for San Francisco to work for Irving Lundborg & Co. - a stock brokerage - where I met my wife Diane. I then attended the University of San Diego School of Law, and practiced law in San Francisco. I am currently a real estate broker in Larkspur, Ca. 

Diane works for Thomson Reuters in San Francisco. In 1973 we married and have lived in the same house for 37 years. We are both active in our Episcopal parish in Corte Madera. Diane is head of the Altar Guild and I have been Senior Warden and the Treasurer. I have traveled extensively and been to all the continents except Antartica. Most days I manage to either play racquetball or hike in our beautiful Marin hills. 

Our avocation the past 20 has been working with service dogs for Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit organization that provides highly trained assistant dogs to people with disabilities. For CCI we have fostered countless pups and dogs, raised 3 puppies, and whelped 10 litters of pups.      

We currently have Pearlie (our retired breeder), Adriana (our active breeder), and Enid Rose who we raised but she didn't graduate. These 3 precious dogs are absolutely the light of our lives.

I remember my years at East High with fondness - we truly had a great class.  I am looking forward to our Big 50th Reunion and reminiscing with my fellow classmates. My thanks to the members of the Reunion Committee for all their planning. 
Cheers, David     

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Pat Wilson (Banta)
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November 04, 1943 Salinas CA Retired Widowed 2
Oh my goodness - can I say “fifty”?? I was thinking that was my age, still! Reading through some of these wonderful stories made me procrastinate adding anything to the page. 

I do look back to a wonderful childhood and fun high school experience - even though my greatest dream of making pep club never came true!  A’Cappella was a rich and rewarding experience, though.

I’ve spent my married life in California, raising two kids and teaching math part time at the community college. 

I’ve been fortunate to have been surrounded by good friends now that I am alone, and those adventures have taken me to Baha (petting baby whales), Hawaii, DC, with Prague and Budapest to come. Priority travel includes grandchildren in Texas and California whenever possible.

Life is good, and I’m looking forward to our reunion in September. 

Thanks, committee, for all your work, and for a great website. 

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