Reunion Reflections

 We had a wonderful reunion reception and dinner last evening. There were 270 in attendance. Dick Miller and Lynne Nielsen provided a fun and lively program that we enjoyed very much. Those of you who were not able to be with us as well as those who were there, please watch for the order form you will receive from a commercial company who took videos of interviews with many classmates during the evening and chronicled the reunion evening for us. Please continue to watch our website as additional classmates add their profiles over the coming months. Also encourage classmates who have not yet participated to open our website, enjoy the content, and enter their own profile under the Classmates link.
We were all shocked to learn that our classmate Richard Lee died yesterday morning following heart surgery the day before. It was sobering to have that announcement shared with everyone at the dinner and program. We have posted his . They are listed alphabetically.
Best wishes,



We loved the reunion and were thrilled with the outcome.  Way to go reunion committee!  The location, the delicious food, the terrific band, the game show with Dick/Lynne/Julie/Bob, the violin number, Steve Stoker, Jim's heart-warming and sensitive remarks, the art display, the name tags, the tables showing the was all so well done.  Bravo! to each one of you!  Suzanne


I wasn’t sure where to add a post reunion comment. I am still talking about our Fabulous 50th Reunion.  Huge thanks to you, Lynne, Rick, Dick, others, and all your committees.  It was a great evening. I saw friends I wanted to see. We laughed, talked, ate and recounted many years of memories. There are always good feelings shared about our close great Class of 1962. People seemed to feel welcomed and were friendly. For all the hours of preparation and planning, it seems kind of sad to have it be over. Best wishes to all for whatever their heart desires.
Shauna Gygi Forsyth


Thank you and the committee for a great job of this Reunion, well done!

God's Rainbows to you!

I look forward to hunting up some missing people!


George Woodhead




I enjoyed the reunion so much. Thanks to you and everyone else who made it possible. The older I get, the more I appreciate, "Make new friends but keep the old...."

Pat (Denhalter Judkins)




A personal thank you for all your hard work.  The reunion was really fun.  It is hard to come back to the present when I've had a short visit to the past.  


DeLynne (Hebdon)




Jim, Thanks for all your work.   The reunion was a lot of fun and a great chance to see so many dear friends again.  


Thanks, Diane (Hatch)




Hi, Jim!
Even though I'm not part of the '62 class - I enjoyed myself - everyone was extremely friendly and thoughtful. You all did a great job.  I was surprised that Tom Mitko wanted to leave the picnic as early as he did - I was enjoying myself.
Again - congratulations on a very successful event.
Edie Mitko




Thanks  for all your hard work and efforts to keep us connected. 

Milt Thackery




Thank you for posting updates for those of us who were not able to attend the reunion.  I am glad it was so successful, although I knew it would be. You, our Class Leaders, were always very efficient in your leadership.
Laraine Wilcox Huff




Jim: Thank you for your update on the reunion. Congratulations to all of you for making such a successful event. Best wishes for your continued prosperity. It saddens me to learn of Richard's departure. Life is really short and goes by really fast. It's wonderful to be a part of it though.


Dave Pugh




Wow, Jim and company,

Your team certainly put on one heck of a great East High School Class
of 1962 Reunion

Thank you soooo much for all of you did to make it such a success.
Please pass on to everyone one of them how much it meant to Alma &
especially to me to have that magical night in our lives... being able
to rekindle friends & memories was absolutely priceless.

He & I are having a new adventure in our lives ..He has early on-set
Alzheimer’s & anything that makes for a fantastic memory is important to us, especially me, as I will be the one to retain the memory more
then he will be able at least until I get AD down the road ...
LOL !!

So again THANKS for the great time.

Love to all of you,

Berta Clegg Richins



WOW!  What a fun reunion!!!
Thank you for all your work putting it together.  Looking forward to our yearly 1962 get togethers.
Please pass this on to everyone who helped make this event so amazing 
Lots of love, health and happiness to all

Kathy Hansen (Cabrera)




Great reunion.  Wonderful turnout.
I would like to make a contribution to the website funding…Also in memory of Joy Butcherite, Ray Nicholes, and Frank Johnson, three of my very close friends.
On another note, I sensed a wonderful spirit about you, Jim, that here was much goodness.  Those around you are fortunate.
Cheers, Don Reynolds




great night. Thanks to you and all those who helped pull this off.  It was an amazing crowd.  We slipped out just a little early..  The weekend ideas are such a good idea. I am sorry I could not participate.  Still busy digging out from a year of neglect of some clients. You are the best. I have written Jim Lee who is Richard’s brother. Was sad news.   


Rod (Snow)



A note to say thank you and congratulations on a terrific reunion! I so enjoyed seeing you and so many of our friends of the class of '62!
Let me know if you need help for our 60th!

Warm regards,
Gay Smith



How thoughtful of you to tell those of us who were not there about the evening and about Richard. You've always been kind and thoughtful.
Thanks so much.

Linda Jarboe Raygor




Thanks for all your work on this event. I missed the Saturday activities because Jan was expected at a donor event at the Y prior to the game and I opted to join her.

As mentioned that night, I thought your closing comments were particularly powerful.


Brent Scharman




We had a great time, Thanks for all you do.
Please let the committee know how much we appreciate all they do, I know it is a lot of work. 
Regards, Janet Parry Kubin




Can't thank you enough for all your efforts. Let us know when you are in Gilbert. Maybe we can come by. It was good to see you all. You are great leaders, hosts and friends.


Marva Poelman





Lynn Backman


Our 50th High School Reunion was so fun. The program was fun but not too long. There was lots of time for visiting. Can you believe I didn't take a single picture. There was a professional video made throughout the evening. We’ll hear more about that later so keep checking back. We have a website which we will keep alive as long as we have support. We will have a page telling you how you can make contributions as soon as we can get it set up. We will miss looking forward to the gathering. Thanks everyone who made the effort to come. You made it worth while. What an amazing and talented group of people you are. So talented. I am proud to be associated with you all.





 Thank you again for  your committee’s tremendous effort making this a great 50th Reunion.  Annie and I could not believe that all of it was only $40 per person......what a bargain!
Good memories.

John Kretchman



I was sorry I was unable to come to the reunion because I was looking forward to it.  Perhaps another time it will work out  Thanks for the information on a commercial company who took videos of interviews with classmates. I will look forward to seeing if we can order a video. That would be nice to have to add to my collection of good ole' East High Memories. I will also look at the website and see what has been added. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

I was also surprised to hear about Richard Lee. May our Father in Heaven bless his family.

Sincerely, Linda (Carr) Langley